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Böhmermann and Barnaby

The ZDF is three programs. There is the main program, already for the seventh year market leader in German television, there is ZDFinfo, which makes its orientation on documentation similar programs like the private news channel n-tv. And there is ZDFneo, which is getting closer and closer to the “second TV league” of Vox, RTL 2 and Kabel 1, if it does not repeat it.

ZDFneo, started in 2009, manages the balancing act to win younger audiences and not to scare off older ones. With sitcoms such as “Blockbustaz” or “Fuel – More than Super”, especially with the “Neo Magazine Royale” by and with Jan Böhmermann , the average age, which is in the original ZDF audience at 62 years, on the um-the-50s Mark pressed. Which also succeeds in the series celebrating premiere in ZDFneo. Last Thursday, for example, “Gray Zone”, a production in the proven Scandi Noir style, in which ZDFneo had invested money.

On November 14, even greater attention should be generated: Launch of the crime series “The Perfume” after the bestseller by Patrick Süskind. Considerable cast ( Wotan Wilke Möhring , Friederike Becht, August Diehl), remarkable director (Philipp Kadelbach) and a major producer (Oliver Berben) come together. “The Perfume” comes at the same time with the launch of ZDFneo in the media library, on ZDF, the series will run in early 2019.

A broadcaster must first dare to do so: broadcast a high-quality production first in the “small” and then in the “big” program. In the ARD comparable behavior can not be detected; the third, for example, in terms of fiction, is not just a festival of “crime scene” rehearsals.

Mix of innovations and repetitions

The TV channel ZDF achieves the desired success with this program tactic, ZDFneo has climbed up in the perception of the audience. The innovations are outweighed, many traditional ZDF viewers will say: captured by a wide repertoire of Reruns. The crime series “Last Track Berlin”, the revenant “Wilsberg” and on Monday the classic par excellence: “Inspector Barnaby” in double episode.

Where John Nettles’ Tom Barnaby is acclaimed by the church louder than his successor John Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon). The crime series is far from any TV vision and very close to the Agatha-Christie tradition: Britishness at its best. There are on Monday up to two million Fanzuschauer in it, even if in the second of the “TV movie of the week” is running.

The mix at ZDFneo, at the same time the documentary track at ZDFinfo, allow ZDF to sharpen its main program more sharply on quotas, or to “liberate” programs that do not arouse much public interest. The best documentary place, on Tuesday at 8:15 pm, will then offer a “shoe market check” on the 18th of September. On Sunday there was already the melodrama “A Summer in Vietnam” on Wednesday with “Aktenzeichen XY” on Criminal Hunt, and on Thursday the comedy slogan “Envy is not a solution”. But there are still ZDFneo.