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Fire in California: More than 30 dead by forest fires

The state of emergency in California continues , the number of victims continues high: in the northern California village of Paradise in burned out houses and cars, another six bodies were found, the police said on Sunday evening (local time). Thus, the number of victims increased to 31 people. Two burned bodies had already been discovered in a car in Malibu, southern California, on Friday.

In Paradise , where the so-called “camp” fire since Thursday destroyed more than 6,000 houses, many people continue to be missing. The authorities spoke on Sunday of 228 people. Presumably, there are also people on the missing person list who could already bring themselves to safety. Chaotic conditions with closed roads and no telephone network make it difficult to find relatives.

More than 8,000 firefighters fought on the weekend against three major fires in the north and south of California. Almost 150,000 people were forced to evacuate their homes, the command center in the Los Angeles district said.

With the return of the fierce Santa Ana winds, the situation in Southern California remained tense. Evacuation orders remained in force for the celebrity town of Malibu and surrounding areas. The so-called “Woolsey” fire destroyed dozens of houses there, they said.

Expensive villas destroyed in Malibu

The estate of Thomas Gottschalk and his wife Thea in Malibu also burned down. His villa was destroyed, Gottschalk confirmed on Sunday. “I can not say anything because I miss the words,” said Gottschalk the “Bild” newspaper. “I had the poem” The Panther “in the handwriting of Rainer Maria Rilke hanging on the wall.This is also in flames Like the staircase through which my children have always raged. “

He had just hosted a charity gala for children in Germany when he found out, said Gottschalk. The 68-year-old is since 1990 based in the US state of California.

US singer Miley Cyrus has also lost her house as a result of the fires. “My house is gone, but the memories I share with family and friends remain,” she wrote on Twitter . Despite the material loss, she sees herself as “one of the lucky ones”: “My animals and THE LOVE OF MY LIFE have certainly made it out & that’s all that matters at the moment.” The singer thanked the fire department and police. Cyrus’ house adjoined the estate of Gottschalk.

Allegations rejected by Trump

In case of prolonged drought, heat and violent winds, a speedy relaxation of the situation is not in sight, warned the fire department on Sunday. But there was also a bright spot. Thanks to a massive fire fighting record, one of the three major fires – the so-called “Hill” fire – could be contained to 70 percent.

Californian Governor Jerry Brown drew a bleak picture on Sunday for the drought-ridden West Coast state. Brown takes the position of numerous researchers who blame climate change, with rising temperatures, for severe droughts, more severe forest fires and other weather extremes. “This is not the new normal, it’s the new abnormality,” said Brown.