This doubt has many online users who want to buy or pay something, when they do not have money at that moment. In this article, we will talk about the advantages of each financial service. However, it is usually better to apply for a loan , then you can see the reasons for each financial service, to finally choose one of them.

It is better to ask for a personal credit.

Generally the request for a quick credit or a personal loan is usually more accurate and that is because when a client of a loan, makes the request, before completing the application, he knows the interests he will have, he also knows the money you are going to pay in full and the commissions of that loan . However, through the use of credit cards, customers usually have a credit card because the bank sent it to them or delivered it, without having read the conditions or the small print, generally because they are very long papers that almost nobody looks at full.

The advantages of credit cards versus loans.

The advantage of requesting a line of credit through the card is that you do not have to make another application and you do not have to convince any commercial loan either, you just have to use the ATM and request an amount of money in advance or configure the card, so that you can make payments with money that you do not yet have in the bank account with which that card has been linked. As you can see, both financial services have their advantages and disadvantages.

Which is better finally?

The final conclusion, on which financial service is the best, is that of personal loans, since they usually tend to have smaller interest rates than those of credit cards and interests are also known in more detail. If you are going to choose to request money in advance with the card, we recommend that you make sure you know the conditions of the credit card that you are going to use to use that money that you do not have.