30 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes - Vegan Richa (2024)

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Easy Weeknight Vegan Dinner Recipes for quick and flavorful meals. 1 pot stove top Easy Vegan meals. 1 pot Peanut Sauce noodles, Pb Lentils, Bombay Potatoes, Orange Tofu and more. Gluten-free and Soy-free Options. Pin this post.

30 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes - Vegan Richa (1)

It is finally getting a bit warmer. Iwant to spend less timein the kitchen heat but still crave filling, hot, and flavorful meals that are not salads. Here are some Weeknight mealsthat you can mostly whip up in 1 pot and ready within 30 to 40 minutes with lesser active time.

What are your favorite Weeknight meals for Summer?

30 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes - Vegan Richa (2)

1 Pot 15 minute Peanut Sauce Veggies and NoodlesGF

1 Pot Chickpea Sweet Potato SpinachGF, Soy-free

Sweet And Sour Chickpeas and BroccoliGF

Peanut Sauce Fried Rice. GF

30 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes - Vegan Richa (3)

Chickpeas in Turmeric Peanut CurryGF SF

Kung Pao Lentils GF


Tempeh Butternut in Date Sweetened Teriyaki SauceGF

30 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes - Vegan Richa (4)

Spring Rolls in Fried Rice Form. 1 pot 30 minsGF

Cauliflower Gratin, 1 Skillet, No bake. Stove top gratin. SF

Jamaican Lentil and Bean Curry 1 pot 30 mins GF SF

30 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes - Vegan Richa (5)

Fettuccine Alfredo with mushrooms, GF option

Garlic Sauce with Cajun Cauliflower GF option

Peanut Butter Sweet Potato Curry. GF SF

Sticky Sesame Ginger Tofu Veggie Stir fry. GF

If you like EASY, DELICIOUS, VARIED Meals like these, get my Everyday Kitchen Cookbook! 100 Recipes of just Meals and more combinations! Some Breakfast, Dessert and Awesome Sauces make up the rest 40+ recipes. Loafs of GF SF options (See full details here).

30 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes - Vegan Richa (6)

Massaman Curry VeggiesGF

Celery Black Pepper tofuGF

Chickpeas in Firecracker sauce with crunchy salad.GF

Tofu Broccoli Bok Choy Stir fry with Garlic Sesame Soy Sauce

Avocado Chickpea Salad Sandwich or tacos– SF

30 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes - Vegan Richa (7)

Spanish Chickpea Stew.


Tofu and Brown Rice noodles in Hoisin sauce

30 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes - Vegan Richa (8)

Cajun Tofu Bowl with cilantro lime rice

Jamaican Jerk Black Bean Tacos.

Pinto Bean Fajita Veggie Tacos

30 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes - Vegan Richa (9)

Spicy Orange Tofu and Peppers.GF

Sweet and Spicy Gochujang Chickpea WrapsGF

Fettuccine with Tomato Cream Sauce and garlicky AsparagusSF

Black pepper Mac and CheeseSF

Grilled Burritos with Black Beans Rice, avocado and Salsa Crema – veggies don’t bite

30 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes - Vegan Richa (10)

Chickpea Choriza, Quinoa shells in tomato sauce.

Lentil Brown Rice SoupFG SF

African Peanut Lentil StewGF SF

Lentil Turmeric Spinach DalGF SF

One Pot Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca – yup its vegan

30 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes - Vegan Richa (11)

Spiced Carrot Veggie Fried RiceGF SF

Veggies in spiced Chickpea flour sauceGF SF

Palak Tofu – Tofu in spinach CurryGF

Cauliflower in cilantro onion sauceGF SF

30 minute Mexican Chili – the vegan 8 – GF SF

30 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes - Vegan Richa (12)

Bombay Potatoes and PeasGF SF

Mung Bean Brown Rice KitchariGF SF

Southwestern Pasta Salad.

Lentil Kidney Bean Chili. GF SF

1 pot Morrocan Quinoa with lentils – yup its vegan– GF SF

More Meals hereand Indian options here.

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More main course

  • Punjabi Chole (North Indian Chickpea Curry) Instant pot. stovetop option. gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free
  • Tofu Barra – North Indian Silky Onion Curry (Vegan Chicken Barra)
  • Mongolian Chickpeas (one pot, gluten-free, nut-free)
  • Beans in Easy Rosé Sauce (1 pan, 30 minutes, nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free)

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  1. Chris K

    This is so delicious!! I love to try different variations and also experiment on my own, but I really love this one! Thank you for another wonderful recipe!!


    • Vegan Richa Support

      experimenting is amazing


  2. Jan

    My niece, home from college for the holidays, switched from vegetarian to vegan…. No cheese! I can cook great Italian food if I can only use cheese. What to do… what to do. So happy I found your blog. I love Indian food; it’s my favorite. Niece not too fond of Indian, but who knows if there is even decent Indian food up at Binghamton, NY? So she may not have experienced good Indian food. At any rate, so many ideas for nicely spiced food, which is kind of like fusion. I can’t imagine she would not enjoy so many of these recipes. Printing them out and will start cooking them immediately as she is home for another two weeks. Very inventive recipes.


    • Richa

      Thats awesome! Yes, try some of the indian fusion meals that use spices in meal types that she likes and go from there. Eventually try my butter tofu. Good luck!


  3. Stephanie

    These all look great. I am so excited about your new cookbook! I cannot wait to get it in my kitchen and use it daily <3


  4. Rita Johnson

    I bought your book from Amazon and love it. I just discovered your blog. How do I get the receipts? Any help would be appreciated. I love vegan Indian food but am new at cooking it. Thanks.


    • Richa

      Hi Rita. All the recipes are on the posts. If you scroll down, there is a box which has the recipe and a print button. You can use the print button to print the recipe out if needed.


  5. Christine

    The first blogpost I’ve seen where literally every recipe looks amazing. I love that you linked other recipes outside of Vegan Richa as well. I have so many recipes to try now. Thanks for sharing!! <3


    • Richa



  6. Anastasia

    I made this last night. Lovely and creamy with a nice spicy kick. Great!
    (Chickpea Choriza, Quinoa shells in tomato sauce.)


  7. Sophia | Veggies Don't Bite

    What a fantastic roundup of recipes! Oh man, I want every single one. Thank you so much for including me in this great post!!


  8. Izzy bruning

    They all look so good!!!!


  9. Shannon

    Thanks so much for including my recipes in your roundup, Richa! I’ve personally tried many of yours that are listed here and have yet to be disappointed by a single one.. I praise your greatness with the quick and easy stovetop meals!


  10. Priya

    Very nice blog…
    Thank you for sharing..
    My congratulations to the growth of your blog…


  11. Cassie

    There are wayyyyyy too many recipes that I want to try in this roundup! The peanut butter curry, orange tofu, kung pao lentils and massaman curry veggies are seriously calling my name!


30 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes - Vegan Richa (2024)
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