Best Xenomorph Dead by Daylight builds (April 2024) (2024)

Licensed killers in Dead by Daylight are some of the best on the roster, and one iconic extraterrestrial beast particularly stands out even among all those fun picks: the Xenomorph.

The Xenomorph from the Alien franchise is a fun, simple, and engaging DBD killer. Here are our best Xenomoprh builds to make your time with it easier.

Best early Xenomorph build

Best Xenomorph Dead by Daylight builds (April 2024) (1)

The Xenomorph has a pretty straightforward and ready package. We’ll gloss over its initial perks and some early-game add-ons that are the best to get yourself started. Don’t worry about any ultra-rare items just yet, as all you’ll need for this early Dead by Daylight build are the starting perks, shown here:

Ultimate Weapon This perk is activated when you open a locker. Then, the next survivor entering your Terror Radius will scream, reveal their position, and become Blinded for 30 or more seconds.
Rapid BrutalityThe Xenomorph no longer gains Bloodlust. Instead, hitting a survivor grants temporary Haste (movement speed).
Alien InstinctThis perk is activated when the Xenomorph hooks a survivor. Then, it sees the farthest injured survivor, and said survivor gains Oblivious.

The Xenomorph’s starting perks are all great and I advise you to select all three until you have access to other high-tier upgrades. The early-game and mid-game builds in this guide do not require you to prestige other killers, though that’s a very good strategy if you want to get the most out of the Xenomorph. Until then, Ultimate Weapon and Rapid Brutality are amazing options to hinder survivors greatly and help you to a successful trial.

Crew Headset and Ash’s Innards are also good early add-ons that greatly enhance tunnel navigation and counteract annoying turrets.

Best mid-game Xenomorph build

Best Xenomorph Dead by Daylight builds (April 2024) (2)

Once you progress through the Bloodweb, you’ll get a ton of solid general perks. The Xenomorph’s unique perks, particularly Ultimate Weapon and Alien Instinct, should still work well for you. In case you want to see alternatives though, here they are.

Bitter Murmur Whenever a generator is fixed, survivors near it are revealed to you. If the last generator is fixed, all survivors on the map are revealed.
Scourge Hook: Monstrous Shrine Four hooks are turned into Scourge Hooks at the start of the match. Their auras are white and grant the entity faster progression if you aren’t nearby.
Hex: No One Escapes DeathWhen the Exit Doors are opened, all survivors are Exposed and can be down in one hit. Also grants you bonus movement speed depending on tier.
Sloppy Butcher Basic attacks inflict Mangled and Hemorrhage on survivors, significantly debuffing their healing.

These perks let you continuously track survivors while navigating the tunnels, meaning you can run between wounded or healthy survivors in no time. While general perks don’t really help with exposed generators, you can utilize the Scourge Hook and the Hex to traverse the map freely and still come out on top. Sloppy Butcher may also help you keep survivors wounded for longer, though it’s not mandatory. Molten Skin and Parker’s Headband can also be beneficial against turrets and when survivors anticipate your tunneling.

Best lategame Xenomorph Build

Best Xenomorph Dead by Daylight builds (April 2024) (3)

When you reach the high levels and prestige a few killers, you can build the Xenomorph fully and unlock its true potential. For this lategame build, you will have to prestige The Demogorgon and The Nurse. Here are the perks you’ll need:

A Nurse’s CallingSurvivors who are healing nearby are revealed to you.
MindbreakerSurvivors repairing generators are inflicted with Blindness and Exhaustion.
SurgeWhen you down a survivor, all nearby generators explode and start losing progress.
Alien Instinct / Ultimate Weapon Perks described in the early-game section.

The Perks above will give the Xenomorph much-needed safety when tunneling away from a generator, leaving it open. It hinders survivors trying to fix vulnerable generators and allows the Xenomorph to tunnel from spot to spot, running survivors down.

When above ground, either Alien Instinct or Ultimate Weapon (whichever you prefer best) will help reveal sneaky survivors and keep those wounded on edge. Multipurpose Hatchet and Kane’s Helmet can also greatly enhance your core Tail Attack, which you should focus on using a ton (like, loads) in higher levels of play.

How to play Xenomorph effectively in DBD

Best Xenomorph Dead by Daylight builds (April 2024) (4)

The Xenomorph is one of the most straightforward and brutal killers in Dead by Daylight. It has a ton of mobility and a long-range attack which, when utilized correctly, can be absolutely devastating for the survivors.

The primary thing you should learn is how to use tunnels properly. When you’re underground, you can get much-needed information by looking above you to see footsteps. Nearby survivors leave orange traces on the ceiling of the tunnels, which can be further enhanced with add-ons such as the Crew Headset. Also, pay attention to the sound as tunnels are usually near generators and those produce a loud noise when fixed even a little.

The second thing you need to know when playing the Xenomorph is to properly use the Tail Attack. It’s a devastating strike that has a long range and can be used to trick survivors into thinking they’ve escaped. Push survivors toward pallets and windows and use the Tail Attack to strike at them during the vaulting animation. You should wound them first or make them Exposed so they’ll go down with the Tail Attack.

The Xenomorph can be played both as a versatile and highly mobile unique killer that comes up and down the tunnels, or as a traditional chase killer. Whichever you choose, you’re bound to have a ton of fun as it is exceptionally satisfying to play.

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Best Xenomorph Dead by Daylight builds (April 2024) (2024)
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