How to Make Eggnog Without Alcohol {a recipe everyone will love!} (2024)

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Have you ever wondered how to make eggnog without alcohol? This easy non-alcoholic homemade eggnog is the perfect companion for any holiday gathering. Homemade custard, maple whipped cream and a dash of nutmeg will make this a new holiday tradition for your family.

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Store bought eggnog is pretty gross, in my opinion. After trying the overpowering, sickeningly sweet drink from that green carton several times growing up, I was decidedly against eggnog.

That is, until I got brave enough to try my mom’s homemade eggnog. From then on, my aversion was replaced with love for this frothy winter drink that tastes a lot like ice cream!

This homemade eggnog recipe begins with a simple custard, then adds whipped egg whites and homemade maple whipped cream. It is nothing short of divine! Even my boys love what they call “the ice cream drink.”

Even better, this recipe is non alcoholic, which makes it the perfect drink for any gathering. No need to worry about serving it to underage people or those who don’t drink (including myself). It’s great for everyone!

Originally, alcohol was used in this recipe to preserve the eggs and eliminate the risk of bacteria. We’ll talk more in a bit about why this recipe is still safe sans alcohol.

Right up there with homemade wassail, this might just be my new favorite Christmas drink.

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Why homemade eggnog is better than store bought

Is it really worth the effort to make your own eggnog? Definitely yes. I’ll tell you why.

Here are the typical store bought eggnog ingredients:

Grade A Milk & Cream, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Egg Yolks, Sugar, Nonfat Milk, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Spices, Carrageenan, Annatto (color), Turmeric (color).

HFCS as the #2 ingredient? Carrageenan? No thank you. We can do better.

Additionally, the FDA is so strict about the use of raw eggs in commercial products that the egg yolk solids are restricted to 1% of the final product. So basically, you’re buying a non-eggy eggnog.

Which kind of defeats the purpose.

That being said, you do have to be careful with the consumption of raw eggs (especially young children, pregnant women or people with health issues). But know that the risk of contamination is extremely small. Read this quote from The Nourished Life about the safety of raw eggs:

…only 1 in 30,000 eggs even has a salmonella problem. If I eat three raw eggs a day, statistics say it would take more than 27 years before I’d actually run across one with salmonella. Of course, I know life isn’t about statistics, but you get the point.

Elizabeth Walling from The Nourished Life
So, raw eggs are generally safe – as long as you’re healthy and the eggs are really fresh. But consume at your own risk.

The nutmeg and vanilla extract may also act as a bit of a natural preservative.

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Homemade eggnog nutrition

Homemade eggnog is actually really good for you! Here’s the ingredients list:

Whole milk, eggs , organic sugar, whipping cream (with maple syrup), vanilla extract and nutmeg.

Not too shabby!

And here are some of the nutritious things inside:

  • Great balance of carbs, fat, and protein.
  • Eggs contain fat soluble vitamins and lots of B vitamins.
  • Eggs are also a great source of Omega-3s (for brain health) and lecithin (for liver and skin).
  • Milk and whipped cream are great sources of calcium and healthy fats.
  • Nutmeg has a high concentration of manganese, which is wonderful for the blood among other benefits (source).
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Homemade eggnog recipe notes

  • This homemade eggnog has cooked yolks, but the whites are raw. So it’s very important that you use the freshest, best quality eggs you can find. Consume at your own risk.
  • When making the custard, keep in mind it will not be very thick. The main point is to heat it to steaming but DO NOT boil. It will thicken slightly and coat the spoon lightly, but the egg whites and cream are what really thickens the mixture.
  • You may use store bought whipped cream, but homemade is super easy and sooooo much better. It only takes a minute or so to whip the cream with an electric mixer.
  • Keeps in the fridge for 3 days (although eggnog never sticks around in our house).
How to Make Eggnog Without Alcohol {a recipe everyone will love!} (5)

How to Make Eggnog Without Alcohol {a recipe everyone will love!} (6)


Easy Homemade Eggnog (non alcoholic)

Have you ever wondered how to make eggnog without alcohol? Homemade custard, maple whipped cream and a dash of nutmeg create the perfect holiday eggnog!

Prep Time 10 minutes

Cook Time 15 minutes

Total Time 25 minutes


  • 1/3cuppure cane sugarorganic
  • 2egg yolks
  • 1/4 tspsalt
  • 1/8tspground nutmeg
  • 4cupswhole milk
  • 2 egg whites
  • 3 TBSPpure cane sugar
  • 1 tspvanilla extract
  • 1/2cupheavy whipping cream
  • 1 TBSPmaple syrup


  1. Beat 1/3 cup sugar into egg yolks. Add salt, stir in milk, and heat on medium heat to make the custard.

  2. Stir frequently as the mixture heats for approximately 15 minutes. Do not allow mixture to boil. It will thicken slightly until it lightly coats the spoon. Remove from heat and allow to cool.

  3. Beat whipping cream and maple syrup together until peaks form. Set aside.

  4. Beat egg whites until foamy. Gradually add 3 tablespoons sugar, beating until soft peaks form.

  5. Add egg whites, vanilla, and half the whipped cream to custard and mix thoroughly.

  6. Chill 3-4 hours before serving.

  7. Garnish with additional whipped cream and a dash of nutmeg, if desired.

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Try these other favorite holiday recipes:

  • Lighter Pumpkin Roll
  • Classic Holiday Wassail
  • Cranberry Wassail

Enjoy your homemade ‘nog! Have you ever tried homemade?

With Joy,

How to Make Eggnog Without Alcohol {a recipe everyone will love!} (9)


How to Make Eggnog Without Alcohol {a recipe everyone will love!} (10)
How to Make Eggnog Without Alcohol {a recipe everyone will love!} (11)

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  1. How to Make Eggnog Without Alcohol {a recipe everyone will love!} (12)Francis Berenson Willharst says

    Amazing! I had a sudden craving for eggnog (even in the summer), and don’t want to go to the stores because of SARS COV-2 (coronavirus), hence, I set out to look for eggnog recipes. Others were too complicated or needed bottles of alcohol (where am I going to find those?!!). But then, I found this recipe, and it satisfied my craving for eggnog. Reminded me of the eggnog my grandmother used to make for us (mostly me) every birthday and Christmas.
    Keep up the good recipes (maybe do one for homemade egg rolls),


    • How to Make Eggnog Without Alcohol {a recipe everyone will love!} (13)Mary says

      Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the kind review!


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How to Make Eggnog Without Alcohol {a recipe everyone will love!} (2024)


How long does non-alcoholic eggnog last? ›

The more liquor you add, the longer it will keep — non-alcoholic eggnog should be consumed within 1 day; eggnog with 1/2 to 1 cup of liquor will keep for several days; and eggnog with 1 1/2 cups of liquor will keep for several weeks and continue aging and thickening quite nicely.

Can you buy ready made eggnog UK? ›

honestyolk original eggnog

Smooth and decadent, our eggnog is a ready-to-serve, milk-based co*cktail with rum and cognac. It's rich and balanced, perfect for a cosy night by the fire or as an after-dinner treat.

Is it safe to make homemade eggnog? ›

Eggs must be cooked to 160 degrees F to kill bacteria such as Salmonella that may be present. If your eggnog recipe calls for raw eggs, it may not be safe. Adding alcohol inhibits bacterial growth, but it cannot be relied upon to kill bacteria.

Is alcohol required in eggnog? ›

Non-alcoholic eggnog is still eggnog, though, so feel free to mix up a liquor-free batch for the whole family to enjoy. Besides, you can always add the booze at the end.

Can kids drink eggnog? ›

When can babies have eggnog? After 12 months of age, if the eggnog is pasteurized and free of alcohol. While we generally recommend waiting until age 2 to introduce sugar into a toddler's diet, a small taste of pasteurized, alcohol-free eggnog on a special occasion after a child's first birthday is just fine.

Is eggnog and advocaat the same thing? ›

Even though advocaat and eggnog are made with the same ingredients, they are a world apart. Eggnog is liquid and frothy whereas Dutch advocaat is a creamy blend of egg yolks, sugar, vanilla and brandewijn. Advocaat is an old-fashioned drink and associated with grandmothers and the old days.

What is British equivalent to eggnog? ›

Posset, a curdled beverage of milk and either wine or ale, was a popular beverage in Britain that may have been a precursor to eggnog. Some monks would add eggs and figs to posset.

What is a good substitute for eggnog? ›

If you are really looking to knock out some calories, consider purchasing soy nog or rice nog. These alternatives to regular eggnog contain less fat and nearly half the calories of regular store-bought eggnog. Vanilla chai tea is also a great holiday alternative for those with non-dairy diets.

Do any UK supermarkets sell eggnog? ›

Martell eggnog | Sainsbury's. Select an option: Christmas. Beef, lamb and pork.

What makes eggnog unhealthy? ›

“While there are different eggnog recipes, most eggnog will typically contain high amounts of fat from cream and milk, and added sugar for sweetness,” said Cohn. The American Heart Association recommends that people consume no more than 5% to 6% of calories from saturated fat every day to support heart health.

Why you should be careful with that eggnog? ›

He warns that the most concerning issues with eggnog come from the milk and cream. “The risks from raw dairy are more well established,” Schaffner said, adding that they can also lead to other bacteria including listeria, e. coli and campylobacter. “Don't count on alcohol to kill the bacteria,” declared James E.

Why did my homemade eggnog curdle? ›

What if my eggnog gets curdled. There is a high possibility it can get curdled slightly at 2 stages, one is when you are cooking the egg yolk and the milk mixture on the stove. And the other stage is when adding alcohol into the mix. If this happens don't worry, just blend it in a blender until smooth.

Is rompope the same as eggnog? ›

Even though the kingship between rompope and eggnog is indisputable, there is a slight difference between these two hearty drinks: The traditional eggnog recipe called for whole eggs, whereas rompope just called for egg yolks—hence the very distinctive hues of each drink.

Does eggnog expire? ›

The Food and Drug Administration suggests consuming commercial eggnog within three to five days of opening a carton, and you should drink homemade eggnog within two to four days of making. If you're unsure whether eggnog has gone off, give it a whiff, and check for these signs: lumpy texture. spoiled milk smell.

What alcohol tastes best in eggnog? ›

While brandy is the most traditional alcohol to pair with eggnog, according to traditional recipes, you can also use a mixture of dark rum and Cognac. If you like your eggnog with more of a kick you can also add bourbon, but we recommend sticking to rum and Cognac to preserve the 'nog's flavors.

How long does non alcoholic eggnog last in the fridge? ›

Homemade eggnog typically lasts 2-3 days if stored in 40º F or less under the proper conditions. Store-bought eggnog lasts 5-7 days after opening if it has been refrigerated. Canned eggnog lasts 4 to 5 months and around 5-7 days after opening.

How do you know if eggnog has gone bad? ›

It's recommended to check the expiration date and any signs of spoilage (such as an off odor or taste, curdled texture, or mold) before consuming leftover eggnog. If the eggnog has been left out at room temperature for more than 2 hours, it should be discarded for safety reasons.

How long does alcoholic egg nog last in fridge? ›

How long will eggnog liqueur last once opened? If it's 40–50 proof or above you can keep it forever in the refrigerator.

How long does eggnog liqueur last once opened? ›

While refrigeration is not necessary, cream liqueurs taste great when they are well chilled, and for most of us, the most convenient cool place of storage is our refrigerator. We would also recommend that cream liqueurs should be consumed within six to twelve months of opening.

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