Kenshi Best Factions Revealed - Which Faction Should You Join? (2024)

If you want to join a faction, sometimes you might have to do a favor for that specific faction by bringing in dangerous bounties such as Savant or the Bugmaster. Sometimes you’re gonna have to destroy relations with one faction to join the other one. I will quickly discuss some of the factions in the wonderful and peaceful world of Kenshi, discuss their strengths, the consequences of joining them, and their ideals. Let’s start:

5. Skin Bandits

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Hello there, fellow humans.

Who are the Skin Bandits? They are deranged skeletons that hunt humans for their… skin. If you happen to be a human, who’s stupid enough to go to the Sonorous Dark, it will quickly lead to your painful demise - you’ll be kidnapped and dragged to a skin peeler.

But if you’re a skeleton, then you have nothing to worry about - they’re gonna pity you for your lack of skin and convince you to join them. Just simply go to their HQ and speak with Savant, after a short speech, you’re gonna become the insane, deranged, terrifying skin bandit.

Why these guys are great:

  • They are very strong and starting an outpost in Sonorous Dark becomes pretty easy, unless there are humans in your squad…
  • Become neutral with Fishmen
  • Become friendly with the Skeleton Legion(Ashland's skeletons)

Join these guys IF:

  • Your relations with the UC are already terrible
  • You want strong dudes protecting your outpost
  • You want the blueprint for a skin peeler

More info:

4. The Holy Nation

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No technology is allowed.

These guys are known for their religious devotion and hate for other races. So if you’re into this stuff, feel free to start your outpost somewhere in the Arm of Okran and beat the crap out of unsuspecting Hivers and Skeletons.

But of course, if you start causing trouble, like avoiding Prayer’s Day or just being a nuisance in general, you’ll be paid a visit by the Holy Paladins and they’ll “reeducate” you.

Why these guys are great:

  • You can buy yourself a Paladin’s Cross more easily
  • Also buy yourself the whole set of Holy Nation armor

Join these guys IF:

  • You hate the world and want to kill everyone(besides humans)
  • You’re a fun of fanatical religions
  • You like to enslave PPL

More info:

3. United Cities

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They are pretty similar to the Holy Nation, actually.

The one major difference between these guys and the Holy Nation is that United Cities tolerate people from other races. I mean, they still treat them worse than dirt but at least they’ll enjoy some good ol’ Grog before getting enslaved. If you’re planning to befriend them, then you’ll be faced with an extremely difficult task - catching Tinfist, dead or alive, and putting him inside of a cell in one of the UC strongholds.

If that’s too much of a task for you, then go kidnap Savant or Bugmaster, and voila, you’ve got yourself a good chunk of rep with these bad boys!

Why these guys are great:

  • From what I know, you won’t have to pay the taxes if you befriend them
  • Samurai guards will help you during raids on your outpost
  • One of the stronger factions in the game

Join these guys IF:

  • You hate the Sheks and HN
  • You want protection during raids
  • If the presence of UC nobles brings you joy

More info:

2. Flotsam Ninjas

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They were a part of the Holy Nation…

But they decided to split off and create their own Holy Nation, with completely different beliefs and ideals. Flotsam Ninjas don’t look down on women and other races and they consist of mostly women. These guys are friendly, till you tell them straight in the face that they deserve to die for their treachery!

Why these guys and gals are great:

  • Access to their weaponry
  • Believe in a more balanced version of Holy Nation
  • Will help you during raids

Join these guys IF:

  • You want to undermine the HN even more
  • You BELIEVE in a better version of the Holy Nation
  • Maybe you’re bored and you want the HN to raid your outpost

More information:

1. Shek Kingdom

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The orcs of Kenshi.

This race is about heavy weapons and hatred for the Holy Nation. They’ve got a reason to hate them, a good chunk of the Sheks from the Border Zone were enslaved or killed and there are constantly battles between those two factions.

Now, Sheks are not exactly friendly - they’ll call you an outsider, treat you especially worse if you’re a human, and check your stuff for drugs or a copy of The Holy Flame. You can befriend them by bringing in Lord Phoenix from Blister Hill or the Bugmaster from the southern parts of the map - good luck with that though, these guys are tough, but it’ll earn you the respect of the Sheks.

Why these guys are the best:

  • Hate Holy Nation
  • Sell high-quality heavy weaponry
  • Osata has a Meitou Fragment Axe(

Join them IF:

  • You’re a heavy weapons enthusiast
  • You feel bad for the Sheks
  • You want to help Sheks take over Stoat/Bad Teeth

More info:

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Kenshi Best Factions Revealed - Which Faction Should You Join? (2024)
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