Menticide - Darkpanik - Mortal Kombat (2024)

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A shot rang out in the cave. Even with your mind shattered, you heard it, along with the roars of people as they charged in. The hand that was pressed against your head pulled away and someone said an incantation, something you couldn’t understand even if your mind was intact. When the shouts came closer, someone swore and started barking orders to search the area. A sharp gasp came from somewhere above you and warm hands gently touched your neck, checking for a pulse.

"Hey, soldier," a voice said, a woman’s voice. Your eyes opened and briefly focused on her. The blonde hair and blue gray eyes were familiar, but your mind was fading as was your vision. The warm hands hesitantly touched your shoulder and then nothing at all.

It was like that for a while. Part of you enjoyed the nothingness. No sound. No sight. Very little thought...if any at all. Maybe you were dead…

But occasionally, out of nowhere, you did feel...something. Or someone. It was a light tingle. It would spread all over a soft, cozy blanket, protecting you. Then you heard a voice. It was a whisper, soft and soothing, but so far away. It came closer but everything hurt again...the burning. The ripping. Tearing! To much!

The voice went away and the tingling stopped.

The voice came back, stronger and louder, but still tender. It didn't hurt as much this time. You could tell that it was a man's voice, but you couldn't understand his words. He spoke in another language, and whispered to you, like he was praying. He touched your mind and the pain flared again, but he didn't go away. The tingly feeling came back, making the throb fade just a bit.

'Hurt' you thought...a word. Your first word in a long time. Then more words, more thoughts came. 'Pain. Hurt. Scared. So scared. Hurt. They hurt me.'

Flashes of their faces...a pale face. Masked faces. White eyes. Glowing eyes. Hot Cold.

'Burns. They burn! Good. Felt good! Stop. STOP.'

Nothing again.

He came back. The voice. He was slower, more careful, giving you time to get used to him. You still didn't understand him until...

'I am Kenshi'

After registering his name, you could slowly understand more of what he kept saying.

'I am here to help'...'Stay calm'...'Just listen'...'I am Kenshi'...

The more he talked, the less it ached. The tingles became stronger and numbed the pain more and more. The voice helped you form simple thoughts and feelings. Memories came back, in pieces. Bad ones at first. He stayed with you during those and protected you from them. You didn't unravel with him there. Soon more came. Happier ones. Of your family. Your achievements. Your goals. Memories that made existing worth it.

At opened your eyes. After a few minutes of them adjusting, you saw two men standing over you. One wearing a blindfold and the other a hat with lighting in his eyes. The man with the blindfold smiled.

"Welcome back," he said, and you immediately recognized his voice. “I am Kenshi.”

It took days for you to understand where you were and what was going on. It took longer for you to be able to move and respond. Eventually you learned that you were taken back to Earthrealm by a band of Special Forces. You were so badly injured, in body and mind, that you were brought to a place called the Sky Temple to heal. The Thunder God himself, Raiden, healed all of your physical wounds and helped Kenshi heal your mind.

They brought you back from the darkness. For months, Kenshi had helped you piece back your psyche. And even after you woke up, he stayed and talked to you, calmly and patiently. It took time, but you started to smile whenever he visited you. You felt safe with him.

But even with his help, you still couldn't talk about what happened in the Netherrealm. Thoughts of the assault haunted you. They were too raw. Even though your body was healed and unmarked, you could still feel the men. Simple things overwhelmed you too quickly and you’d break down. You’d cry alone in your room. You’d get angry and yell and try to fight anyone near you. You’d sit silently and stare at nothing for hours…

It was difficult. Of course it would be. But over time, you started to make progress again. Not just with Kenshi's help but the monks of the Sky Temple. They would send one of their own to watch over you throughout the day, and even night if you needed company. They brought you food and encouraged you to start speaking and even walking. They were the kindest people you've ever met, and they filled your heart with hope.

Confident enough to leave your room, you started exploring the vast temple. You mostly stayed around the monks. They didn't mind you lingering. You even helped them with cleaning and cooking. Meditated with them and even trained to build back strength. They welcomed you with smiles and gentle embraces which healed you more and more. The temple itself was stunning. The sanctum was in the mountains, so it really felt like being in the sky. The fresh cool air filled you with life and the peacefulness quieted the terrors you felt. It was truly paradise. You wished you could stay there forever…

One day, you left your room to do some more exploring. The halls were mostly empty, probably because the monks were meditating during that time. So, you didn't expect to bump into anyone...and yet, you did. You ran right into a man's hard frame and stumbled back, embarrassed.

"S-sorry," you stammered, and stared at the man before you. At first glance, he was handsome with a thick, powerful body and cold blue eyes. But the way he furrowed his brow tickled something in the back of your mind. He stared back at you, also trying to figure out who you were and then the color drained from his face. That was when you felt the cold


Before you knew it, you were screaming.

"HIM! It was him! It's him! IT WAS HIM!" you screamed at the top of your lungs, to who, you weren't sure. As you fell into the darkest corner of your psych, you grew more hysterical and wailed in fear and despair. All the while, Sub-Zero himself didn't move a muscle. He stood, watching you crumble and listen to your screams with solemness, either unsure how to calm you or knowing he deserved this.

A couple of monks rushed in to lead you back to your room, trying to calm you with hushes and gentle words of comfort. But the damage was done. The reality of what happened crashed down all around you and you couldn’t do any but lay curled in bed, sobbing.

Raiden arrived later that night to speak to you, but by that time, your fear had burned into rage.

"Why is Sub-Zero here!?" you demanded, not caring that he was a demigod.

"He is not the enemy," Raiden answered curtly. "Sub-Zero was enslaved by the same sorcerer who broke into your mind. He and Scorpion are only here to heal."

"Scorpion is here too!?"

"Yes. Scorpion is here, as well as others. But none will harm you."

"They already did! They hurt me! They beat me up and raped me! They killed my team! They're nothing but murderers and rapists! And you brought them here!"

"To heal," Raiden repeated. "Quan Chi made them do evil things. Things they would never do outside of his influence."

"Are...are you making excuses for them?"

"I am not, nor am I asking for you to forgive. Just understa-"

"No! I want them gone!"

"That is not for you to decide. Both Sub-Zero and Scorpion are needed for Earthrealm’s defense and they must recover. If their presence is that troubling, then I will have Sonya Blade take you elsewhere."

He ended the conversation with that.

It was unfair. You had to leave but not them? The rapists. The murderers. The ones who actually hurt you. It infuriated you and in an act of pettiness mixed with genuine fear, you decided to not leave your room. You wanted to avoid bumping into the assassins. The monks tried their best to get you to leave your self-inflicted prison, to no avail, so they summoned Kenshi to come and try to talk some sense into you. He visited one day and smiled gently at you.

"How are you, Y/N?" he asked.

"Better. Slowly, better," you said with a faint smile back.

Kenshi sat beside you on your bed and laid a kind hand on your shoulder.

"I'm glad to hear it," he said but paused before continuing. "I was told that you're refusing to leave the room."

Your smile faded and you looked away from him. Kenshi was a friend but he had an alliance with Raiden as well, so you clammed up. It’s not like he was going to help with the issue of the two assassins.

Knowing that you weren’t going to budge, the swordsman stood and held his hand out to you.

“Come,” he said gently. “There’s someone I want you to meet.”

You stared suspiciously at him but took his hand hesitantly. As angry as you were, you still trusted him. Kenshi was honestly the only person you really trusted, anymore. Which was why you allowed him to lead you out your room and down another corridor to another room. You weren't sure what to expect when Kenshi knocked on the door. But when it opened you were filled with surprise and awe.

Jax stood, towering, in the doorway.

At first you wanted to gush and tell him how much of an inspiration he was to you and your team. At least really looked at his face. He was unshaven, with bags under his bloodshot eyes. You couldn't tell if it was because he wasn't sleeping or if he was crying for hours. Jax stared at you and offered a tiny nod.

"Hey," he said quietly, his eyes flickering to Kenshi then back at you. "I'm guessing Ken here is trying to help you with your...issues. Shame his techniques don't work with me."

"You won't let me in," Kenshi countered tiredly, as if it was a constant argument between them. “Just let me-”

"I'll take my chances with regular therapy. I don't want any more magic messing with my head."

"Magic?" you asked as dread hit the pit of your stomach. "What happened?"

The former soldier looked down in shame so Kenshi spoke for him.

"Jax was a revenant along with Sub-Zero and Scorpion."

You stared at the two men before you, unable to respond. The shock of learning that Briggs was a revenant was overshadowed by the rage you felt at the mention of the masked men. You turned to leave but Kenshi caught your arm.

"Please, Y/N. Stay and listen."

Fists clenched, you stayed put regardless of wanting to run and hide. You reminded yourself to trust Kenshi. He saved you, pulled you out of the darkness and helped you heal. And Jax...he was a hero...

Facing the swordsman, you seethed, "They raped me."

"Yes. They did. And you have every right to be angry and scared. But the blame should not just go to them. Quan Chi is the true villain here."

You winced, trying very hard not to think about the sorcerer or the feeling of his magic invading your mind.

“Listen, kid,” Jax sighed. “I’m going to say this to you once, ‘cause I hate talking about it. But…I’ve done…so much sh*t because of that f*cker Quan Chi.”

His voice cracked as he continued, which unnerved you.

“I killed…fellow soldiers. My brothers. Some of them, I recognized, you know? They called out to me. I could hear them and…see them. I knew what I was doing and I…couldn’t stop myself.”

He stopped and stared past you, reliving something awful. You knew that look so well. You saw it in your own reflection...

“I tore them apart.”

He squeezed his eyes shut and let out a shuddering breath.

“I betrayed my men. Something I’d never do.” He looked at you again. “You were controlled too, right? He got into your head.”

You nodded and suddenly you felt dirty. Disgusting. Because you remembered the feeling of both men on you…inside you. And you liked it. You begged them…

“No,” Kenshi said, firmly. He had peeked into your mind. “We’ve been through this, Y/N. You were forced to feel that way. Just like Jax was forced to kill his friends and allies. And Scorpion and Sub-Zero were forced to hurt you.”

“It’s not the same,” you managed to snarl out.

“No, it’s not. But it is the truth.”

You stared at Kenshi and he, even though blind, silently faced you, as if staring back.

“Why?” you whimpered. “Why are you defending them?”

“I knew Sub-Zero before,” Jax piped up. “He helped me…sort of. And I helped him. We were on the same team. We…we died together.” He let out a bitter laugh. “I may not be best friends with the guy but I know he wouldn’t have done what he did. Not when he’s in his right mind.”

“They want to apologize,” Kenshi murmured. “They want to speak to you face-to-face-”

“No!” You exclaimed but the Takahashi kept speaking.

“-but they won’t without your permission. That is all. They’ve asked about you, Y/N.”

This made your blood turn cold. You didn’t like that they were asking about you, even if it was just to check on your wellbeing. It meant that you were on their mind, and that terrified you. What if they wanted to come after you? What if the magic still lingered in them and they’d finish what they started? What if…you wanted them? You were under a spell as well. What if…what if you wanted…

“There’s no more magic, Y/N,” you could hear Kenshi but he was far away. You were overwhelmed, your breath quickening and vision blurring. Kenshi reached for you but you brushed his hands away. Ignoring both Jax and Kenshi’s concern, you staggered away. Body on autopilot, you quickly left the men and headed to a safer space.

Doubled over with your hands on your stomach, you tried to control your breathing. Remembering what Kenshi and the monks have taught you, you managed to calm yourself enough to see where you ended up. You were in front of the courtyard, alone…until you saw a man meditating near the gates.

You didn’t recognize him. He had very short hair, just a bit longer than a buzzcut. So that told you he wasn’t one of the monks. He wore the same simple robes you did, so he was also a guest. His back was to you but you didn’t want to go near and disturb him. But for whatever reason, you stayed and watched him.

Time passed, you weren’t sure how much, and he finally let out a deep breath and stood. The man faced you. You still didn’t know who he was, not until he slowly moved towards you. His walk was familiar. His eyes were dark but the intensity reminded you of…

“Scorpion…” you gasped when he stopped in front of you. The heat that radiated from his body made you recoil, expecting it to burn if you stayed near him for too long. Even when you felt like running, you were glued to the spot, at the mercy of the fire ninja before you.

For a good minute, neither of you said a word. You couldn't help but stare at his brown eyes. They were so different from the milky dead white ones you knew so well. Different yet very much the same. They both held the same rage, though you weren’t sure if it was aimed at you.

When he moved, you yelped in surprise, you were so on edge. He bowed, deeply.

“I am…so…so very sorry,” he said. You absently noted that you’ve never heard his voice before. It was deep and smooth, almost soothing. Almost. There was a tremble in it that disturbed you as he continued, “For everything. I am so sorry. There are no words…to express just how ashamed I am for…what you endured.”

He straightened and hesitantly looked at you. He apologized. He did it…and it pissed you off.

“That’s it?” you said, finding your voice. “That’s all you have to say?” You weren’t sure what else he could say. Nothing seemed to be enough. Nothing was going to take any of it back.

Bitterness crashed through your shaking body and before you could stop yourself, you shoved him. Well, you tried to. Scorpion was still built like a brick wall and barely moved. That agitated you even more and you tried to push him again. And again. And again. You ended up hitting his chest, slapping it and pummeling it.

“Do you have any idea!?” you screamed. “What I went through! What I felt! You hurt me! You raped me! You f*cking raped me!” You kept screaming at him and beating at his chest, hoping he could feel even a fraction of what you received.

Scorpion allowed it, for a bit, until he wrapped his arms around you and squeezed you to him. At first you struggled, but he was too strong. He was always too strong… and you went limp against him and just wailed.

“I’m sorry…I’m so sorry… I’m sorry…” he kept whispering in your ear. You both sank together on the ground with you held tight in his arms, sobbing your heart out.

Time went by, who knows how long and you quieted. The pyromancer carefully released you and hesitantly backed away to give space. You sniffled and stayed seated, unsure how to feel about the situation. The only thing you could muster up saying was a cold, “Don't ever touch me again.”

You saw him nod out of the corner of your eye and left. All you could think about was his arms around you. How they didn’t hurt like before. His body was hot but you didn’t get burned.

After slowly rising back onto your feet, you quickly went back to your room. You were confused by both men. Scorpion, he was so aggressive and cruel to you as a revenant. But the way he held you was…kind.

You even thought more about Sub-Zero, who had clearly avoided you after first bumping into him. You didn’t remember much about that incident at first. Only the cold and then the panic. But the more you tried to think about it, the more you remembered just how sad he looked.

The conversation with Kenshi and Jax started to sink more. You remembered wanting Sub-Zero and Scorpion. Wanting to be used by them, ruined. But that was Quan Chi, Kenshi would remind you. It was his magic that brainwashed you to believe you wanted to be assaulted. So, it wasn’t your fault. It was easier to believe that but it still didn’t stop the fear though. The idea of talking to them scared the hell out of you.

The military and Special Forces would drill into your brain that you should always fight your fears. But you were tired of fighting. You were exhausted and just wanted to be ok. The Monks of the Sky Temple were teaching you to heal and be at peace, which was nice and you wanted that. You really did but you needed some kind of closure. You weren’t sure how and you didn’t feel strong enough to get it. Maybe talking to them wasn’t going to happen any time soon, but maybe just try to be near them?

For the next few days, you waited by that courtyard and watched Scorpion. He ignored you for the most part, save for an occasional glance in your direction. But he never spoke or came near you, which allowed you to observe him meditate. He was…serene, strangely. Him acting like you weren’t there did help you not panic, but you were still very much afraid of him. At least you weren’t running away from him, unlike the Cryomancer.

You’ve seen Sub-Zero in the courtyard only once. It was brief. He was training by himself, practicing drills. Each move was graceful and powerful. But he stopped, mid-punch. He stood, frozen in place, until slowly he bright his hands to his face. His shoulders hunched and he if in pain. He suddenly looked small, and it bothered you. As you took a step to leave him, you bumped into the gate. Sub-Zero whirled around to look at you and you shrieked and ran all the way to your room.

You never saw him again in the courtyard. He must have been dodging you again to keep the peace. But you wanted to see him…sort of. You tried looking for him but he must have found an area to train away from everyone.

You ended up going back to Kenshi, who thankfully came back to visit, for help. You tried to explain our feelings even though he knew how you felt. He was in your mind, after all. You wanted to get some kind of closure which meant trying to understand Sub-Zero and Scorpion. So you needed to know where they were.

“You won’t find Sub-Zero anywhere near Scorpion,” the swordsman said with an apologetic smile. “He mostly stays in his room, much like you.”

“Why doesn’t he want to be near Scorpion?” you asked, brushing off his little jab. You had assumed that they were allies from how…well they worked together.

“They have…a history. But it is not mine to tell.”

As much as you understood, it irked you. You wanted to know about them, without actually talking to them. You knew you had to go to them eventually, but you wanted to procrastinate that as much as possible. It was easier for you to learn about the men from another source…

“Kuai Liang and Hanzo Hasashi,” Kenshi said. “Sub-Zero and Scorpion’s names. Respectively. ”

“That’s all you can give me, huh?”

“You don’t have to do this,” he said gently. “At least not now. You can find them some other time and-”

“I’d never look for them,” you choked out. “If-if I leave before facing them, I don’t think I ever will in the future. I have to do it now.”

“Don’t hurt yourself,” he chided.

Kenshi did tell you where to find Sub-Zero’s room before moving on to visit Jax. After a long 20 minutes of hyping yourself up, you went to his room. As you approached his quarters, the door swung open and the Cryomancer stepped out. It startled you so badly that you ran all the way back to your room and locked the door.

“f*ck!” you barked out loud to yourself. “f*ck! f*ck you, you coward!” You sank to your knees and held your head, trying to calm your pounding heart. When you finally calmed, you slumped against the door. “God damn coward,” you whispered.

“I’m sorry,” a voice said and you jerked up. It came from behind the door. “I’m so sorry.”

He followed you. Sub-Zero followed you to your room. His deep voice was so soft, so filled with regret. Just like Scorpions…Hanzo’s.

You didn’t hear anything else so you stood and all but tore the door off the hinges. He was already gone.

Jax was leaving in a couple days and you knew you had to go with him. Not so much because you couldn’t face the assassins. But more so because you had to face your life. Your family. The Special Forces. You had to live. What you told Kenshi wasn’t a lie. You weren’t going to come back. Even though you loved how peaceful the temple was and how kind the monks were. But staying felt like you were hiding. And you hated that’s what you were doing with Sub-Zero and Scorpion. You had to face them. Even if you left, and lived your best life, healed and happy, you’d regret never seeing them or saying anything.

Now or never.

It took all the courage you had to go to that courtyard. It took every ounce of stubbornness you could muster to keep yourself there. Even with your heart hammering out of your chest and your hands sweaty and shaking, you glued yourself to the center of that courtyard and waited. You stared out at the stunning sky, knowing you will never see this view ever again after you leave. It was special and it was saddening.

You had asked the monks to send Scorpion and Sub-Zero out to meet you. You tried to run through what you were going to say through your head but nothing felt right. It all felt either too…angry or pitiful. Even to your own mind. Part of you prayed they both refused to see you…

Scorpion appeared first and your throat closed when he approached. He stopped a few feet away and paused before giving you a solemn nod as greeting. His frown and unsure glances here and there told you that he didn’t know what to say. Great. You weren’t the only one uncomfortable.

You were about to give a timid greeting to him but his attention immediately left you once Sub-Zero walked into the courtyard. The Cryomancer’s cold glare was on Scorpion. Kenshi wasn’t kidding when he said they had history. The tension between them was suffocating. You started to regret bringing them at once.

“Uhm…” you uttered and they both turned to you. The weight of their gazes crashed down on you and panic struck. Their attack flashed in your mind, as clear as day. Their hands were all over you. You felt them inside of you. The burning in your skull…

“I…I can’t!”you cried and backed away from them. Neither assassins followed but they watched you with concern. “I can’t do this. I can’t do this!” You angrily scrubbed tears away. “But I have to! I f*cking have to!” You looked at them. At their sympathetic faces. Their pity. “No. No! You’re not allowed to look at me like that! Not after what you’ve done! You two are monsters! You…you!” Shaking with rage and fear as what happened replayed before your eyes. The murders. The beating. The rape. The…hesitation.

They hesitated.

You looked at them and took in their…haggard state. Shadow’s under Scorpion’s eyes. The gauntness of Sub-Zero’s cheeks. Scruffy beginnings of bears and unkempt hair. Just the haunted stares…

“It…wasn’t your fault,” you murmured. Quan Chi’s voice echoed.

Actually, my dear…they do.

Let’s not make her wait anymore…she wants it now.

Destroy her.

“It was Quan Chi…his magic that broke my mind…his magic that forced you to…” she choked out. “Kenshi was right. It wasn’t your fault…you didn’t want to…do anything that you did.”

“No,” Sub-Zero said quietly. “I didn’t…neither of us did.”

“I was raped…but so were you two. None of us wanted it. You’re hurt too. And…I’m sorry-”

Scorpion stormed up and you recoiled in fear. The fury in his eyes may not have been directed at you but it burned. That rage was deep and it went beyond just this.

You do not apologize,” he growled but closed his eyes, trying to calm himself. His voice came out gentler. “Quan Chi…that sorcerer. He tricked me to do his bidding…and I…did things I didn’t want to do.”

He went silent.

No one spoke until you sniffled and Sub-Zero slowly came closer to you, ignoring the hateful glare from Scorpion.

“What will you have us do?” he asked. “Do you wish for revenge?”

“Or do you want us punished?” Scorpion asked, tearing his gaze away from the blue man and back at you.

A sad smile spread across your face as you allowed the tears to finally fall down your cheeks.

“I did,” you said. “I wanted revenge. I wanted you both to be punished. I wanted you to be beaten and killed. To be sent back to that hellish land never be allowed back. To be buried in a pit and never see the light of day again.” you swallowed. “But now…now…I just want to heal.”

You broke and started sobbing.

“I just want us all to heal and get better.”

Sub-Zero moved first and cupped your face. He clumsily wiped away your tears and looked at you with heartbreak in his eyes. His touch was nothing like that time. Cool but soft, like a winter breeze. Comforting yet bracing.

He looked uncertain, unsure if he was allowed to touch you. He opened his mouth to apologize but closed it, knowing it meant nothing. He pulled away but you caught one of his hands and stared at it, taking in as much detail as you can. The feel of him. Every line and vein that you could see. The roughness of his knuckles. These hands had done so much harm and yet they touched you so carefully, so sweetly just moments ago.

Still gripping Sub-Zero’s hand in one of yours, your other hand reached for Scorpion. The pyromancer quietly watched, reading your reaction as he slowly took your hand and pressed it to his rough cheek. You gently ran your thumb across his cheekbone and he closed his eyes, wearily, lost in memory. When was the last time he was shown affection, you wondered…

They were the same men you faced in the Netherrealm, yet completely different. Instead of those dead eyes, promising pain and death, they gazed solemnly at you, hoping to right a wrong. They weren’t masked killers anymore. They were men. Hurt and damaged, craving compassion and a chance to heal. Just like you. Hanzo and Kuai Liang.

No, you weren’t coming back to the Sky Temple, but you were going to go back to both of them and help restore these men who deserved redemption.

Menticide - Darkpanik - Mortal Kombat (2024)
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