Nectar Vs Purple 2024: Which Popular Mattress Is Better? (2024)

Online mattress shopping is the easiest way to browse a variety of mattresses at your leisure. Two of the most popular online mattresses are the Nectar Original and the Purple Original. Both promise a good night’s sleep and have similar features to help support their guarantees. However, there are a few differences between the Nectar vs. Purple that can influence your decision one way over the other. Fortunately, our Nectar vs Purple mattress review covers everything you need to know about these popular online options to help you determine which is best for you.

We inspected each mattresses’ construction, including the materials used and special design features. Desired feel and necessary support can vary depending on sleeping position and body type, so we also consider firmness and feel when comparing the mattresses. We also combed through tons of customer reviews about the Purple and Nectar while considering our own experiences.

Type: Memory foam | Thickness: 12 inches | Trial: 365 nights | Firmness: Medium-firm (6.5) | Warranty: Forever

Best for: People who prefer a classic, contouring memory foam feel contouring medium-firm support to relieve pressure points.


  • Breathable cover and gel-infused foam
  • Stability, support and cushion in three distinct foam layers
  • Excellent at reducing motion transfer


  • Medium firmness may not be ideal for those who want a very soft or very firm mattress
  • May be too soft for stomach sleepers

Purple Mattress (Queen)

Type: Hyper-elastic polymer | Thickness: 9.25 inches | Trial: 100 nights | Firmness: Medium-firm (7) | Warranty: 10 years

Best for: People who prefer a cooling mattress with good responsiveness.


  • GelFlex grid has a responsive, pressure-relieving feel
  • Has a breathable design ideal for hot sleepers
  • Enhanced edge support


  • Only one firmness level is available
  • It may not suit those who prefer a very soft mattress


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Nectar Vs. Purple: Similarities And Differences


  • Both mattresses have a medium-firm rating.
  • The Nectar and Purple mattresses are both constructed from foam, though the Purple uses the brand’s proprietary hyper-elastic polymer foam and a grid design, compared to Nectar’s memory foam.
  • Both mattresses rely on solid foam base layers for support, rigidity, and durability.


  • The Purple mattress has a shorter trial period and warranty than the Nectar.
  • The Nectar mattress has three layers compared to the Purple’s five layers.
  • The Purple is bouncy and responsive while the Nectar has a slow-responding memory foam feel.
  • The Purple mattress is shorter at 9.25 inches compared to the Nectar’s 12 inches.

Nectar Vs. Purple Firmness And Feel


Both mattresses have a comparable firmness score, coming in with a medium-firm rating. However, many customers note that the Purple feels slightly firmer. The GelFlex Grid of the Purple mattress may contribute to this, as it offers initial support and then gradually softens under pressure. However, most customers like the middle-of-the-road firmness of both mattresses, stating they’re not too soft or too hard while still being supportive.


While both mattresses strive to hit a “just right” level of firmness, their feel differs. Nectar’s memory foam layers offer that familiar body contouring hug. Alternatively, the thicker base layers add support and stability. Customers who desire a mattress that molds to their body appreciate the ratio of firmness to softness.

The Purple mattress has a unique feel thanks to its GelFlex Grid that sits atop the thicker, more supportive layers. A waffle pattern of hyper-elastic polymer helps to dissipate pressure (and heat), causing many customers to state they feel as if they’re floating. Instead of the marshmallowy feeling common with memory foam mattresses like Nectar, the Purple mattress has a responsive and bouncy feel.

Sleeping Position

A medium to firm level of support accommodates a wide range of sleeping positions. The Nectar mattress is well-rated for back, side and combination sleepers, but those who sleep on their stomach may find the foam too contouring and soft. The GelFlex Grid of the Purple mattress is equally conducive to back, side and combination sleepers but may also be a bit too soft for stomach sleepers. Some reviewers of both mattresses note that when they sleep on their stomachs, it feels as if their torso sinks too much. Of course, sinkage can depend on body type, so along with sleeping position, there are a few other things to consider for light or heavy sleepers.

Body Type

Heavy sleepers require more support to promote spinal alignment and longevity of the mattress. Based on Nectar and Purple’s feel and firmness, either mattress can be comfortable for back or combination sleepers under the 230-pound range. The Purple mattress has a rating to support 700 pounds of combined weight, and the Nectar mattress has a rating of up to 650 pounds. For heavier sleepers over that range, consider the Purple Hybrid or Nectar Hybrid.


Nectar’s Construction

  • Cover: Heat-absorbent polyethylene fibers wick body heat for cooler sleep.
  • Comfort layer: CertiPUR-US certified therapeutic gel-infused memory foam contours, cools and alleviates pressure points.
  • Transition layer: Dynamic Response foam allows just enough rebound and bounce to support proper body alignment while minimizing motion transfer. It’s also CertiPUR-US Certified.
  • Base layer: The ActiveSupport Stability base is made with 7 inches of CertiPUR-US Certified foam, and has the rigidity, thickness and durability to support the softer upper layers.

Purple’s Construction

  • Cover: The breathable SoftFlex cover is ultra stretchy, optimizing the GelFlex Grid beneath. Its feel is comparable to your favorite soft T-shirt jersey material.
  • GelFlex Grid: The waffle-patterned grid helps prevent sinkage while dispersing weight to ease pressure points. Its open-cell design also allows for airflow for cooler sleep. Finally, enhanced foam around the perimeter lets you sleep on the edges without feeling like you’re going to roll off.
  • Comfort layer: Much like traditional memory foam, the 3.5-inch solid slab of poly foam comfort layer offers that contouring, hugging feel.
  • Base layer: The thickest layer made from high-density, durable poly foam helps provide the rigidity needed to support the upper layers and absorb motion for less bounce.


Edge Support

  • Nectar: The Nectar Mattress didn’t have the highest ratings for edge support. When pressure’s applied, some reviewers felt like they were going to slide off because the softer edges seemed to roll down.“The center of the bed is great, but the edges are too rounded with little support. If you’re not careful you can slip right off,” writes one reviewer. Other reviewers advised against sitting on the edge of the bed, for example, when putting socks on.
  • Purple: The Purple Mattress’s reinforced edge support allows for the entire surface of the mattress to be used, all the way to its edges. It holds up if you need to sit or sleep on the edges. However, reviews were mixed, as performance can vary based on body type and other factors. One reviewer notes, “I bought your mattresses primarily because they were rated high on their edges. I am using them for daybeds, so they are used more for sitting than sleeping. So far so good.” However, the edge support leaves some stable. “If you sit on the edge of the bed, it becomes a slope and you could fall off,” comments one.

Motion Isolation

  • Nectar: Nectar’s all-foam mattress is superb at reducing motion transfer. One reviewer notes, “There’s no motion transfer. I am a very light sleeper, and I wasn’t able to sleep soundly with my partner until I got this mattress.” Other reviews were similarly positive, “I really love the limited motion transfer as we don’t often go to bed at the same time,” comments another customer who co-sleeps with a partner.
  • Purple: The Purple Mattress also takes steps to isolate motion transfer, but its grid design makes it a bit more bouncy. As a result, reviews were mixed. One customer positively states, “When one of us is restless, we do not wake the other because the mattress absorbs motion and is quiet.” While another notes, “It transfers less motion but is not [as] amazing as the marketing depicts.”


  • Nectar: To combat memory foam’s typical heat retention, Nectar infused its top layer with cooling gel and paired it with a breathable cover, which helps with temperature regulation. One customer reports, “The cooling technology works wonders.” Another customer writes, “The comfort of the mattress helped me fall asleep quickly, and the cooling effect helped me sleep all night.”
  • Purple: The Purple Mattress’s GelFlex Grid steps up to the plate to keep sleepers cool. The grid pattern helps promote airflow while its gel component further reduces heat build-up between sleepers and the mattress. As one reviewer straightforwardly notes, “This mattress keeps cool and ventilates well.” Another customer, who sleeps with both a partner and pets, says Purple “does an incredible job of keeping me cool and cushioning my painful joints. And as a result, I’m sleeping far more restfully, and I feel better during the day. My dog loves it. My cats love it. My husband loves it.”

Pressure Relief

  • Nectar: Reviews are overwhelmingly positive concerning Nectar’s ability to ease pressure points. One comments, “My neck and back have always ached waking up, having been a truck driver for over 30 years. This mattress relieves all those pressure points, and I actually feel good in the morning.” Another reviewer backs up this sentiment, stating that the mattress helps with a variety of pressure points that can occur on any part of the body. They say it’s “excellent for any aches or pains. [It] supports all pressure points for a relaxing and comfortable sleep.”
  • Purple: Reviews back up the adaptability of Purple’s GelFlex Grid, which responds to pressure and movement to prevent pain points while sleeping. As noted by commenters, its pressure-reliving powers work for a variety of sleeping positions. “As a regular side sleeper, I was hoping this bed would cradle and support me while relieving pressure. I was skeptical, but man, I’m finally able to sleep on my side all night and wake up with no pain or numbness. Also, as a semi-regular stomach/back sleeper, I was hoping this mattress would also be firm enough to support [me], but not cause pain. I’m able to sleep in any position now with just the right amount of cradle.”

Overall Support

  • Nectar: Finding a mattress that keeps its shape and doesn’t sag can be a challenge, but the Nectar ranks quite high in terms of its support over time, and for larger-framed individuals. One comments, “This mattress was a huge upgrade from what I was sleeping on before. I had some concerns about memory foam because I am overweight, but this mattress supports me perfectly, and I don’t sink down. The first time I laid on it I was in disbelief over what I had been missing.”Another reviewer agrees, writing, “I am very overweight, and I am completely surprised with the durability of the mattress. It fits every curve like a glove and bounces right back.”
  • Purple: The Purple Mattress isn’t a traditional memory foam mattress because of its unique top layer, and it offers ample support. As a reviewer comments, “I am 80 years young, overweight, and have back and leg pain all the time. The Purple has given me more pain-free time than I have had in years.” Another customer notes the grid’s ability to withstand pressure and weight, “We’re both overweight. My husband’s biggest concern was that this bed would remember him too quickly, meaning there would be a divot where he sleeps. Nothing yet—this mattress really is comfy.”

Prices And Policies

Nectar’s Prices And Policies

  • Price: The queen size retails for $1,099 but is on sale for $649
  • Shipping: Free
  • Trial: A 365-night trial with free returns
  • Warranty: Forever warranty

Purple’s Prices And Policies

  • Price: A queen-size Purple Mattress retails for $1,499
  • Shipping: Free
  • Trial: 100-night trial from the date of delivery with free returns
  • Warranty: 10-year warranty

Nectar Vs. Purple: Our Final Verdict

Both the Purple and Nectar mattresses offer a medium-firm level of support that suits a variety of sleeping positions, but feel completely different and excel in different areas. Take into consideration a few key differences between the two.

  • The Purple Mattress offers better edge support, which can be important for individuals who sleep with a partner and want to use the entire mattress surface. If you like to sit on the edge of your bed to dress, Purple may be a better choice.
  • The Nectar Mattress is a memory foam mattress, meaning it excels in hindering motion transfer. Purple’s grid design bounces back and users report it feeling almost jiggly which increases the likelihood of motion transfer. For individuals who sleep with a partner or pets, the Nectar comes out on top.
  • Alternatively, Purple’s GelFlex Grid’s responsiveness is a much-appreciated feature for combination sleepers who change positions often. It can help prevent that “stuck” feeling that can occur with contouring foam.
  • Sleepers who love to sink into their mattress and feel that the foam is molding to their every curve prefer the Nectar Mattress. While some reviews mention an initial stiff feeling, the mattress becomes softer with use, gently cradling and providing support.

Why Trust Forbes Vetted

  • We spent hours researching the similarities and differences between the Nectar and Purple mattresses. Our research involved reading through customer reviews on Amazon and brand websites.
  • The author and contributor for Forbes Vetted Nicole LaMarco has been writing in the mattress and sleep space for years. Her other sleep-related articles include How Much You Should Spend On A Mattress and the Best Mattresses On Amazon.
  • Forbes Vetted senior sleep editor Bridget Chapman and sleep editor McKenzie Dillon have collectively tested over 100 beds, and oversee this section.

Are Purple And Nectar The Same?

Purple and Nectar are both popular online mattresses with a medium-firm firmness rating and cooling comfort features. However, they differ in their design and materials. As a result, Purple is more responsive and better for hot sleepers while Nectar has more of a traditional, hugging memory foam feel.

Is Nectar Or Purple Better For Hot Sleepers?

Both Nectar and Purple are suitable for hot sleepers, although Purple has a slight advantage. Both mattresses use cooling gel in their upper layer, Purple’s GelFlex Grid provides improved airflow and breathability, and doesn’t retain heat.

Which Is Better: Purple, Nectar Or Casper?

For Purple vs. Nectar vs. Casper, the best mattress depends on your preferences, body type and sleeping position. They vary slightly in their construction, tailoring to different sleeping styles. The Casper is a foam mattress with a more responsive feel than Nectar, while Purple is most comparable to a latex foam mattress.

Nectar Vs Purple 2024: Which Popular Mattress Is Better? (2024)
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