[Top 10] Kenshi Best Pants (And How To Get Them) (2024)

You need them to protect your feet, legs, and groin. You can’t be a tough warrior with both legs either crippled or chopped off, that’s why you gotta wear a good ol’ pair of pants.

There are also pants that don’t offer too much armor but they offer useful buffs, like stealth or a nice bonus to martial arts. Anyways, let’s start with our first pantaloons:

10. Ninja Pants

[Top 10] Kenshi Best Pants (And How To Get Them) (1)

For sneakin’ and stuff.

Nothing special at first, just some pants that give a decent bonus to stealth. You usually use these pants when you’re playing as a pacifist character, just sneaking inside of ancient laboratories and getting out with loot and without a scratch. Useful for stealing stuff, not so much for fighting.

Why these pants are useful:

  • 1.10x stealth bonus
  • Don’t weigh anything
  • Useful for stealing stuff in ancient locations

9. Gi Pants

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Go home, GI.

These pants are for those who fancy martial arts. They look unique and give a decent bonus to unarmed combat. If you’re worried about acquiring those outstanding pantaloons, then worry not - they are very common in clothes shops and sometimes armor shops!

Why these pants are awesome:

  • +2 unarmed combat bonus
  • As Ninja Pants, they don’t weigh anything
  • Common in shops

8. Samurai Clothpants

[Top 10] Kenshi Best Pants (And How To Get Them) (3)

Useful for lightweights!

These pants have decent coverage, they don’t only cover your legs but your stomach as well. A masterwork grade can also give you surprisingly a decent amount of armor, without any debuffs and weight that hinder your running speed. Sick!

Why these pants are awesome:

  • 100% coverage of legs and 50% of the stomach
  • 26% blunt resistance/41% cutting resistance
  • 3 kilograms only!

7. Halfpants(sneaky chain)

[Top 10] Kenshi Best Pants (And How To Get Them) (4)


You might think that these pants improve your stealth - nope. Matter of fact, they reduce your stealth but at least they look cool and give a decent cutting damage resistance. They don’t weigh too much so you don’t have to worry about running like a tortoise. Useful for those who don’t care about sneaking and prefer combat!

Why these pants are awesome:

  • 49% cutting resistance, 19% blunt resistance
  • Okayish harpoon resistance
  • Looks cool

6. Halfpants(reinforced)

[Top 10] Kenshi Best Pants (And How To Get Them) (5)

These look familiar!

They look exactly like the sneaky chain pants or whatever, they give you more armor though and you’ll be able to take a bigger beating from blunt weapons. They’re cheap and can be found in armor shops and sometimes in clothing shops.

Why these pants are awesome:

  • 36% blunt resistance
  • 41% cutting resistance
  • Costs only 5k cats

5. Hack Stopper Pants

[Top 10] Kenshi Best Pants (And How To Get Them) (6)

Against hackers ‘n’ such.

How can these pants be classified as medium armor when they only weigh 2 kilograms? Well, we shall never know the answer to that question but what we know is that these pants provide excellent protection to your legs and a little bit to your stomach. The point of this armor is to provide above-average protection while weighing little to nothing!

Why these pants are awesome:

  • 34% blunt resistance, 47% cutting resistance
  • 10% coverage of your stomach
  • Debuffs don’t mean much when you value combat

4. Drifters Leather Pants

[Top 10] Kenshi Best Pants (And How To Get Them) (7)

Surprisingly durable for light armor!

These pants are decent for the fact that they’re classified as light armor, they provide excellent resistance to cutting and blunt damage, have 0 negative effects and they’re common in shops. The only downside to these pants is that they cover 90% of your legs instead of 100%. But they’re lovely nonetheless!

Why these pants are awesome:

  • 2 kilograms
  • 45% blunt resistance, 41% cutting resistance
  • Minor protection from acid

3. Plated Drifter's Leather Pants

[Top 10] Kenshi Best Pants (And How To Get Them) (8)

With moar plates!

These pants are the same as the previous pants, just with some plates attached so your legs don’t get cut off too fast. They weigh a little bit more and have some minor debuffs, but these pants will make your legs very durable during combat for long periods of time. They are pretty common in Hive shops.

Why these pants are awesome:

  • Blunt resistance 44%, cut resistance 55%
  • Better harpoon resistance
  • One of the best medium armor pants!

2. Crab Trousers

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Where is PETA when you need ‘em?

These panties are made of crab armor which means that they’ll make you almost immune to cutting damage. If your enemies don’t have any blunt weapons, they can forget about cutting off your precious legs!

These pants will make you run like a pregnant tortoise but god damn, will they make you durable and unbeatable, even against multiple foes at once!

Why these pants are awesome:

  • 77% cut resistance, 54% blunt resistance
  • 81pts harpoon resistance
  • Unique and badass looking armor!

1. Samurai Legplates

[Top 10] Kenshi Best Pants (And How To Get Them) (10)

Good god..

These pants are prolly the best pantaloons in the world of Kenshi. They provide even more armor than the Crab Trousers and are a lot easier to find - you can find them in most armor shops in The Great Desert territories, the highest grades can be found in Heft. These pants do wonders against enemies of all types, pretty much all weapons and you won’t get crippled too fast while wearing these - try these lovely samurai pants out, they’re the best!

Why these pants are the best:

  • Blunt resistance 61%, cut resistance 81%
  • 100% coverage of your legs, 50% coverage of your stomach
  • Makes you last for years during combat

[Top 10] Kenshi Best Pants (And How To Get Them) (2024)
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