[Top 5] Kenshi Best Money Making Techniques Revealed (2024)

In Kenshi, you can either make cats legitimately or not. Perhaps you’re a thief and you’d rather steal valuable goods from shopkeepers, perhaps you make your money legitimately and you produce weaponry for sale, maybe you decided it was a great idea to make Grog and sell it to the decadent nobles of the United Cities - who knows, either way, you’re gonna make a hellton of cats in no time with this guide!

5. Looting corpses

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No such thing as honor in Kenshi.

If you’re just beginning your adventure in Kenshi, you might come to the conclusion that making cats is difficult. That’s why you should embrace immoral acts, such as corpse looting!

How it works:

If you are in a place where you can’t steal stuff easily, this method is the easiest one. Simply provoke dust bandits into chasing you to the nearest bar, after that they should get destroyed by guards living in the bar. Loot their heart protectors, sabres, and other equipment that they might carry.

Why this method is great:

  • Easiest way of making cats for beginners
  • Easy to pull off, unless your athletics are weak

4. Thievery

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Getting money the legitimate way is a hard process in Kenshi - you have to grind your stats to venture out of the outskirts of main cities, starting your outpost is at least 30-40 hours of gameplay and hunting Leviathans for pearls is… well, quite difficult.

How it works:

That’s why you should visit certain shopkeepers and steal their stuff. Yup, as simple as that, you could make 20-30k cats just by stealing stuff from shopkeepers. One specific location is the Robotics Shop in Heft - the skeleton has expensive items such as power cores, robotic components, skeleton muscles, which all sell from 2,000 - 4,000 cats each.

Why this method is great:

- Takes no effort and doesn’t even require you to have sneak or thievery on a high level - just wait till it’s nighttime, make sure that you’re not visible, and right-click on the items!

  • Possibility of getting +20k cats in 1 night
  • Perfect for single-character gameplay

3. Copper farming

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The simplest method. Also the most boring one.

Copper goes for around 200 cats each. If your character is decent at laboring, within 20 IRL minutes you could make at least 10k cats. It’s pretty boring but at the same time, it’s one of the most profitable methods to do.

How it works:

Simply go to a place with copper ores and right-click on it. Your character will begin mining and filling your inventory with copper ores. Just make sure to have a backpack with ya!

Why this method is great:

  • Easy to do
  • Surprisingly profitable
  • Speed depends on the quality of copper nodes

2. Leviathan Hunting

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The most fun thing to do!

Leviathans carry pearls, which sell for 12,000 cats each. Leviathans may seem intimidating, but if you have a squad of well-equipped soldiers, they will stand no chance!

How it works:

Go to the Leviathan Coast or the Stobe’s Gamble and look for Leviathans to hunt. Their attack animations are sometimes buggy and can give you an advantage while slicing them up. Make sure to equip your guys with Falling Suns and collect the Pearls before they wake up!

Why this method is great:

  • 12,000 cats per Leviathan, of course
  • Leviathans are buggy and weird creatures, which are not that much of a problem for a group of people

1. Production(armor, weaponry, etc)

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For late-game players only.

If you have an outpost, you must make a large sum of cats. You’ll need it for materials, food and many other things. That’s why you should start mass-producing weaponry and armor.

How it works:

Get yourself a weapon smithing bench and start crafting melee weapons, like the Falling Sun or Nodachi. Tier 1/2‘s should sell for around 10,000 cats each. If you want to create armor, it’s best advised to craft shirts - they take the least space and sell for a crapton as well. Get it packaged in your backpack and sell it to shopkeepers in local cities!

Why this method is awesome:

  • Extremely profitable(I made 500,000 to 1,000,000 cats
  • boosts your character’s weapon/armor smithing
  • Effortless way of making cats once your character is experienced

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[Top 5] Kenshi Best Money Making Techniques Revealed (2024)
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