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Industry NewsJune 7, 2022

Former Arkane Lyon director joins French indie studio ZeDrimeTim to make Inside-inspired platformer Darwin’s ParadoxRomuald Capron, the former studio director of Arkane Lyon, has joined new Paris-based indie studio ZeDrimeTim. The team is now working on its debut game Darwin’s Paradox, a platformer influenced by 50s science fiction.

Industry NewsJune 7, 2022

Dragon Age testers at Keywords Studios vote unanimously to form unionA new gamedev union has been formed by a group of QA contractors at Keywords Studios. The team, which is now working on the next Dragon Age game, voted unanimously for unionization after defending its right to work remotely.

Industry NewsJune 7, 2022

China licenses 60 domestic games in second batch of approvals, including new miHoYo titleChina has released a new list of approved games allowed for distribution in the country. This move comes amid concerns following the local regulator’s decision to license no domestic titles last month.

Industry NewsJune 6, 2022

Pokémon GO surpasses $6 billion in lifetime revenue, generating $1 billion per year on averagePokémon GO has topped $6 billion in lifetime player spending since its launch in 2016, according to Sensor Tower. Niantic’s title also remained the highest-grossing AR game globally last quarter.
Diablo Immortal becomes lowest-rated Blizzard game by players, while its revenue tops $6 millionPlayers have been ripping Diablo Immortal apart, dropping its user score on Metacritic to near-zero values. It is now the lowest-rated Blizzard game ever, excluding remasters and other rereleases. However, the title continues to generate money on mobile.

DealsJune 6, 2022

Playstack snaps up Magic Fuel Games, mobile studio founded by EA veteransPublisher Playstack has announced an acquisition of Magic Fuel Games, a mobile studio formed by former Electronic Arts developers. The team previously worked on the SimCity series and is now focused on city builders.

Market AnalysisJune 3, 2022

Diablo Immortal generates almost $800k in first 24 hours since its launch on mobileDialbo Immortal, the first mobile title in the prominent ARPG series, had a successful launch despite the controversy surrounding its monetization. The game has already generated almost $800k on iOS and Android in 24 hours.

Dev InterviewsJune 3, 2022

Afterburn on crafting Railbound, a cozy track-bending puzzle game that looks like a comic book come to lifeRailbound is an upcoming track-bending puzzle game created by Poland-based indie team Afterburn. We spoke with the studio’s founder Luke Spierewka about the game’s development and creating its distinctive, comic-inspired visuals.

LegalJune 2, 2022

Spain to start regulating loot boxes, blaming them for causing compulsive and pathological player behaviorSpain has joined several other European countries fighting against in-game loot boxes. According to local authorities, a new law will regulate all mechanics, which have real economic value.

Industry NewsJune 2, 2022

Playtika to lay off 250 employees as part of its decision to close 3 studiosIsraeli mobile publisher Playtika has decided to close three in-house studios. As a result, the company will lay off 250 people and cancel all games that were in development.

Industry NewsJune 1, 2022

China approved no new games in May, making domestic devs refocus on overseas marketsGaming crackdown in China continues, as domestic developers still face regulatory pressure. As a result, the government approved no new titles in May despite ending the licensing freeze a month earlier.

Industry NewsJune 1, 2022

Final Fantasy producer Shinji Hashimoto leaves Square Enix after 28 yearsShinji Hashimoto has announced his retirement from his position as corporate advisor at Square Enix. He worked for the company for 28 years, being in charge of Final Fantasy and other prominent series.

Industry NewsMay 31, 2022

Rebel Wolves’ Konrad Tomaszkiewicz on making “Holy Grail” of RPGs and The Witcher parallelsThe Witcher 3 game director Konrad Tomaszkiewicz has shared first details about an upcoming dark fantasy RPG from his new studio Rebel Wolves. The team wants to stay relatively small and offer a unique experience to players.

Market AnalysisMay 31, 2022

Niko Partners: grey market account for 80% of console revenues in ChinaIn 2021, the Chinese console market surpassed the $2 billion mark for the first time, according to Niko Partners. However, most of its revenues are coming from grey market sales.

MarketingMay 31, 2022

Steam players don’t care about platformers unless they mixed with other genresGame marketing consultant Chris Zukowski has shared a deep analysis on genres that Steam users love to play. Based on this data, it is hard for an indie developer to make a profitable platformer unless it is mixed with other genres like metroidvania or roguelike.

Game DevelopmentMay 31, 2022

Key mistakes and how to avoid them during the dev process for multiplayer gamesMathieu Duperré, CEO at Edgegap, discusses challenges of the multiplayer game development and how best to address them.

Industry NewsMay 30, 2022

New Valve patent aims at improving Steam recommendations by creating video compilations for usersValve has filed a new patent describing a feature that might potentially improve Steam recommendations. The proposed technology is supposed to create video compilations for users based on their preferences.

DealsMay 30, 2022

Supercell snaps up majority stake in London mobile studio Trailmix for $60 millionSupercell has invested $60 million in Trailmix. The company behind Crash Royale now owns a majority stake in the mobile developer based in London.

Industry NewsMay 30, 2022

Report: Overwatch and CoD leagues owe Activision Blizzard up to $420 million in unpaid feesSeveral esports teams, which are parts of Overwatch and Call of Duty leagues, reportedly owe Activision Blizzard up to $420 million. These fees were previously paused due to the pandemic.

Industry NewsMay 30, 2022

tinyBuild introduces unlimited vacation days for employees: “Life needs living”Publisher tinyBuild has introduced a new experimental system, offering unlimited days off for its employees at several departments. The company will later share the results of this initiative.


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