Mortal Kombat Gay One-shots - Chapter 1 - HVNK (2024)

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Johnny Cage was spending some time by himself in his mansion, just drinking while watching some TV shows. After his divorce with his ex-wife, he had spent the next days alone, not that it affected him that much. On the contrary, he felt more free to do whatever he wanted without someone by his side to scold him for it.

Although he needed to admit, sometimes loneliness struck him, making him feel a bit depressed. But it seemed like today things would go differently for him, when he heard a knock at his door. He was quite surprised, since he wasn’t accustomed to receiving visits. Standing up, he went to open the door, and he was more than glad to see who stood there as he opened it.

“Kenshi?” He asked.

“Hey, Johnny. How have you been?” Kenshi asked with a smile.

“I’m fine! Um, what brings you here?”

“Can’t I pay my friend a visit?”

Johnny chuckled. “Of course you can, bro. I just wasn’t expecting your visit. Come on in!” He let Kenshi enter his home. “Want a drink?”

“Sure, what have you got?”

Johnny headed towards the counter where he stored a variety of drinks. “I have vodka, whiskey, rum, brandy… And if you’re feeling adventurous, I got milk too.”

Kenshi laughed at that as he took a seat by the counter. “Funny, I’ll accept a glass of rum.”

Johnny served him a glass of rum and he served himself one too before joining him on the seat next to him. They talked about what they had been up to these past days. The topic about Johnny’s divorce eventually came during the conversation, and Kenshi felt a bit bad for his friend.

“Yeah, I was okay with it the first days after the divorce, but now, well… Sometimes I kinda miss her, you know?” Johnny confessed with sadness in his tone as he downed the rest of his drink.

“I understand. It’s okay if you don’t want to keep talking about it.”

“No, it’s fine. I was gonna bring it up anyway. Guess I’ll just have to man up and forget her with time, huh?” Johnny poured himself another glass.

“I’m not sure if it’s that easy, but you don’t have to go through this alone. Any help you need, you can count on me.” Kenshi reassured him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Johnny smiled at him. “Thanks, man. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Kenshi smiled back, rising from his seat to give his friend a hug, which Johnny wasn’t expecting at first, but then reciprocated it. “That’s what friends are for. Come on, quit that long face already.”

They stayed enveloped in their embrace for a while, enjoying the contact, the closeness. Johnny almost didn’t want to pull away just yet, so he continued hugging him and Kenshi allowed him to. When they finally pulled away, but remaining close, they began to feel something.

“Are you feeling better now?” Kenshi asked.

“Yeah, I think…” Johnny stared at Kenshi's face for some time, in an odd way that made the swordsman blush a little bit. “Is it weird that I kinda wanna kiss you right now?” He dared to ask.

Such question made Kenshi's blush intensify, not expecting to hear that at all. “W-What?”

“Ah, nevermind. Must be the booze.” Johnny smiled stupidly. But then he was caught off guard when Kenshi stole a kiss from him, his rum-flavoured lips crashing onto his in a plain kiss. It ended as quickly as it began, leaving the two of them confused at what just had happened.

“Johnny! I-I am so sorry, I don’t know what got over me-“

But Kenshi's excuse was ignored by Johnny who rose from his seat and started the kissing this time, hand on the back of his head to pull him even closer to his lips and body. Kenshi, made a blushing mess, couldn’t help but moan a little and just decided to go with the flow, kissing the handsome actor back with the same passion and desperation. This time they let their tongues join the action, intertwining with each other so that their kisses became deeper and sloppier.

Their little tongue fight soon led them to the couch, as piece after piece of clothing met the floor. A semi-naked Johnny straddled a shirtless Kenshi on the couch as he continued to devour his mouth while playing with his nipples. Kenshi was still a bit in shock at how quickly it all had escalated, but soon he stopped caring and only focused on giving back every sensation Johnny poured onto his soul. He dared to hold Johnny in place by resting his hands on both his ass cheeks, protected by the fabric of Johnny’s boxers. This only turned Johnny on even more, grinding against Kenshi’s crotch, feeling his hard meat beneath his pants.

Johnny pulled away, excitement clear in his face as he got on his knees to try to get rid of Kenshi's pants as he pulled them down along with his underwear. They slid out of his legs smoothly, exposing his erect manhood. Johnny stared in awe and his mouth watered at the sight, while Kenshi still showed a few signs of embarrassment. Johnny began by taking hold of that big co*ck, licking the sides first, up a trail of precum, until arriving at the tip. Kenshi’s chest rose and fell quickly, each little suck and nibble driving him to the point of madness. Johnny loved to tease him, but Kenshi wasn’t a big fan of waiting…

“Just suck it already!” Kenshi said and grabbed Johnny’s face with both hands, forcing him down his co*ck. Johnny was surprised, but he didn’t complain, allowing that co*ck to penetrate and invade his experienced throat. Kenshi moaned and his legs trembled a bit from how warm and sloppy Johnny’s mouth and tongue felt wrapped around his co*ck, and from looking at the way he bobbed his head up and down so hungrily, eating it up whole.

Johnny squeezed his own co*ck in his boxers, a wet spot already formed in the fabric. He so desperately wanted to grab his co*ck and jerk off, and so he did. He pulled them down and began to stroke himself fast as he ate that co*ck, letting out guttural moans and noises. Kenshi looked down at Johnny’s perfect ass, and it only made his co*ck grow harder and bigger, the thought about f*cking that ass and breeding it sounding so good and exciting.

“Ah f*ck, I g-guess it was a good thing I paid you a visit, huh Johnny?” Kenshi asked, gasping hard for breath from the delicious blowj*b he was receiving.

Johnny looked up into his eyes with his mouth stuffed with co*ck. He pulled it out to form his reply. “It was. And now you’re gonna give me what I want.” Having said that, Johnny slurped both of Kenshi’s balls into his mouth while jerking his co*ck off, wanting to taste every inch of that perfect dick he was going to put inside his hole soon. Satisfied and after leaving Kenshi’s co*ck really wet and slippery, he straddled him again, guiding that co*ck towards his awaiting entrance. The two opened their mouths without any sound coming out, as Johnny slowly but steadily began to lower himself down, taking more and more inches of that co*ck up his man puss*.

“f*ck yeah, Johnny!” Kenshi moaned, spreading Johnny’s cheeks wide, also putting in the work to make sure he would be balls deep inside his friend. Once he was fully in, they both moaned in unison, and Johnny captured Kenshi’s lips into his once more as he started to jump up and down, satisfactorily riding him like a cowboy. Kenshi had to break the kissing from time to time, since his moaning just got louder and more frequent the more Johnny ate up his co*ck with his tight, warm ass. Johnny rode him like he was no big deal, even though Kenshi’s co*ck was really thick and it hurt a little, but the fact it hit all the good spots inside his rectum was well worth it.

Kenshi ran his palms up the actor’s built torso which had already started to sweat, and they stopped at his pectorals that he squeezed. Johnny returned the gesture by passing his fingers over the sexy tattoos that covered Kenshi’s arms. Kenshi at some point dared to put his fingers inside Johnny’s mouth, who sucked on them eagerly, completely giving in to the man who was giving him his co*ck.

After the riding got a bit tiring for Johnny who was sweating droplets, Kenshi decided to switch to a different position. He laid Johnny on the couch as Kenshi climbed on top of him with his co*ck still buried deep and began to f*ck him missionary style. Johnny was whimpering and writhing like a bitch, the constant clap noises and the sexy grunts from his friend being the only sounds to his ears. Johnny clenched his ass cheeks hard, sucking in Kenshi’s co*ck really deep and making his hole tighter, which drove Kenshi crazy with pleasure. “sh*t! I-If you keep squeezing me like that, you’ll make me cum so hard!” Kenshi moaned, f*cking him harder and feeling the cum building at the base of his co*ck, his balls growing and getting ready to shoot the milk stored in them.

“That’s what I want, for you to breed me and claim me, Kenshi.” Johnny moaned, kissing Kenshi’s neck.

Those words made Kenshi lose it. “Then here it comes!” He f*cked his hole faster for a good six more thrusts, before he finally exploded and released gallons of milk into that well-used and hot hole. His whole body trembled and he moaned shakily as he let it all out, his cum nestling inside Johnny’s ass perfectly, who came almost immediately after his friend did. He coated his and Kenshi's chest in his own cum without even touching himself, feeling in heaven at the marvelous feeling.

They took a few seconds to recover their breathing, Kenshi pulling out of Johnny with a wet sound. “Do you wanna be my f*ck buddy?” Johnny asked out of the blue.

Kenshi didn’t know how to reply to that, he guessed Johnny was still a bit drunk from the drinks so he just nodded. “…If that makes you feel any better, sure.”

“That’s my dude.” Johnny replied and gave Kenshi a long kiss on the lips.

Mortal Kombat Gay One-shots - Chapter 1 - HVNK (2024)
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