Johnny Cage x Reader - Nineteen (2024)


"Well... That wasn't what I planned for.", you muttered sarcastically and wiped the excess water from your limbs.

A puddle formed below your feet.

Groaning, Johnny pulled out a pair of shades from wherever. Actually, you weren't even sure where he had kept that. The uniform of the monks didn't have pockets.

"That was pretty fun.", Raiden wiped some strands out of his face.

"It was better than expected.", Kenshi shrugged.

He was a little pressed since the sword was swallowed by the pond. He wouldn't see it again, not in a million years even if he tried.

You were still convinced that there was portal down there somewhere since nothing ever resurfaced. Ever.

A little hurt in his pride, Kung Lao crossed his arms in front of his chest and shrugged.

"I guess some are better than others here.", he muttered and completely dismissed the fact that he had been the first to fall.

"Was good for a first run.", you stretched. "So, anyone second round?"

"No way.", Kenshi said with a sour look on his face and walked past you.

But he didn't manage to make it far.

All of a sudden a wave of heat chased across the floor. Struck by the force, Kenshi pulled his head in. Everyone followed his example.

Hands rose to shield faces from the sudden heat.

A whirlpool of fire appeared in the air, red mingled with blue and white flames.

With your eyes narrowed you tried to catch a glimpse of what was going on. Heat licked across your face made it feel like every hair on your body was burned to ash.

Shadows appeared. Someone stepped through the portal.

"Ah, sh*t.", you whispered and backed away to hide behind Johnny.

Confused, he threw a glance back at you before realisation struck and he pulled a face that said everything you felt in this moment.

"We're f*cked...", he whispered over his shoulder.

With a helpless smile you shrugged.

"I fear so.", you confirmed and had to swallow hard. "God, I can't do more chores. I almost died the last time."

The smell of ash and burned fire wood was in the air. Heat made it flicker.

You believed to hear how Liu Kang cleared his throat, his lips curled to express dissatisfaction.

"How bad do you think it'll be?", Johnny asked with a whisper.

"Few days, weeks, years hoeing the garden, I guess?"

"We're all in this, aren't we?"

"We all played the game."

"Yeah, but Kenshi's the winner. He might take the biggest blow."

A soft huff escaped you.

"He won, so he won't take anything. Winners don't get scolded. Shouldn't you know?", with a teasing grin you placed a provocative slap on his butt before pushing past him. "Hunny bum."

Johnny sucked in an audible breath. His nose crunched but he swallowed the urge to capture you in a headlock as punishment. He knew very well that such things didn't look good in front of an actual god who watched.

"Lord Liu Kang.", you bowed to him, fist pressed against your palm.

With a nod of his head the god of fire made you stand up straight. Glowing eyes wandered over your body, then jumped over to the others.

One of his eyebrows rose in a silent question.

Swallowing hard, you lowered your gaze. It wasn't that you were ashamed but he made you feel like it was better to cut the bullsh*t and just be upfront about it.

"We practiced.", you answered to the question he had never asked. "Balance and tactics."

Your hands crossed behind your back you pushed out your chest and raised your chin to make yourself appear taller. A hard thing to do since he was well about six feet himself.

Scepticism made his lips curl.

"Why are you wet?", he asked. "Why is everyone wet?"

"I'm not.", Kenshi shrugged.

"That's a lie. Your feet are soaked.", Kung Lao said with a huff and pointed at the swordsman from the waist down.

"At least I didn't take a bath.", Kenshi replied. "As the very first."

"If you want to fight, just say so!"

"Enough.", flames lit up on Liu Kang's arms.

Startled, you pulled your head in. The thought of getting your eyebrows burned off wasn't one that thrilled you.

"I think it's time to do what's right...", you sighed. "It was my idea, Liu Kang. They just followed my lead."

"I expected as much, child of champions.", he replied drily.

"Lord Liu Kang, really it was only my-!", you were about to apologise as your tongue stumbled and your eyebrows drew together. "I'm sorry?"

His glowing eyes fell onto you again.

"I expected you to cause some trouble. But I did not expect that all of them would join in.", his gaze rose to betroth each and every one of the others with a scolding expression. "I expected more of my champions."

Feeling attacked, Johnny shrugged. Kung Lao even seemed like he would have been willing to fight the god of fire.

Kenshi had the decency, or manners, to bow his head in apology and Raiden seemed like he wanted to sink into the ground due to shame.

Still confused that he had taken your word so lightly, you stared into blank space. Thoughts crossed your mind and a soft lunatic smirk tugged at the corner of your lips.

"Seriously, lord Ozai!", annoyed, you crossed your arms in front of your chest and looked up at him. "I've been here for months, with nothing but meditation and some stamina workouts."

"Training goes a long way.", he said in a warning way.

"How long till I die of boredom? I just wanted to give em' a good start."

"Discipline is important to become one with your mind and spirit."

Groaning, you rolled your eyes and threw both hands into the air.

"Just give me my punishment.", you sighed. "We've been over this enough times."

For a long, uncomfortably long time, Liu Kang's eyes just rested on your face. His lips pressed into a thin line. He breathed out audibly.

"You should go and see Madam Bo.", he finally said with a glance at the others. "All of you."

Johnny Cage x Reader - Nineteen (2024)
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