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At the factory or what was more like a mining facility with the tunnels and massive trucks, and mining equipment lay around giving it that feel. Sub Zero was laying low on a cliff across from it scoping out the area studying it. Looking for a way in one his husband Scorpion approached from behind as quite as possible to see if he noticed or heard him. Neither of them knew Digger had arrived before them with Akial and was using the force to keep them invisible to see if either Grandmaster could figure out, they were being watched.
At the last second Sub Zero heard Hanzo and turned around as Hanzo pulled his sword out and pointed it towards him.
“You’re hearing is failing you husband.” Hanzo said.
“I recognized your footsteps. And smelt you from afar.” Kaui Liang replied. In fact, they could both smell each other over a certain amount of distance, being a mated pair and all.
“But neither of you could figure out I was here.” Digger said making himself known along with Akial.
“Grandmaster Digger.” Both said in greeting before looking at Akial curious as to what he was other than a Jedi assumably.
“Who’s your friend.” Kaui Liang asked.
“This is Akial, he is a Jawa and if what you said was true, he could be helpful in there. He is quite talented with technology and engineering.” Digger explained.
“Welcome aboard then Akial.” Kaui Liang greeted.
“Thank you.” Akial said. But because Hanzo and Kaui Liang couldn’t understand him they looked at Digger who translated for Akial.

“Where’s Sektor I won’t let him threaten our clan again.” Hanzo asked as Digger came to stand beside the other Grandmasters.
“The old Lin Kuei factory was defunct, buried beneath this quarry – until the time disruption.” Kaui Liang explained for Hanzo, Digger, and Akial who didn’t know about the past problems of the Lin Kuei, except Hanzo knew about some stuff, unlike the Jedi.
“Now Sektor has returned and reactivated it. Using Lin Kuei stolen from our temple.” The last part was directed at the Jedi, since Hanzo was well aware what was happening.
“I see. How do we get in and stop this.” Digger asked.
“We could enter through the main tunnel, but a frontal assault would be…
“Needlessly dangerous.” Kaui Liang said agreeing with Digger. “There is a less populated area.” Showing Hanzo and pointing it out to Digger.
“And the rest of your plan.” Digger asked.
“We get help on the inside.”

Sneaking up behind the two sentries. Hanzo and Kaui Liang took at one, Digger took at the other. Running into the factory afterwards.
The inside of the factory wasn’t pretty, there were skinless bodies and body parts of Lin Kuei on the floor, a skinless body attached to some kind of machine and wet and dried blood on the floor. And heads float in jars of some kind.
Kaui Liang was becoming more distressed especially after finding a pendant with the Lin Kuei symbol on it. Kneeling down next to his omega, Hanzo put his arm around the Kaui’s shoulders grabbing his hand that was holding the pendant in a loving embrace.
“We will avenge our clan Frostbite.” Hanzo spoke softly to Kaui Liang using his nickname for him as the Jedi stood close by but far enough away so Hanzo could comfort his husband.

Hearing the door about to open all four moved and hid behind the jars as Cyrax, Huntress, and a hooded figure came into the room, putting something into the machine starting it up.
“Cyrax is our inside men. If we can get our hands on his behavior inhibitor, he will turn on Sektor.” Kaui Liang said.
“Yeah, but we have a problem the women is my sister. She is a Jedi, or I should probably say Sith we have to take her out to stand a chance.” Digger said.
“Then you know what you have to do.” Hanzo said.
Who is the other women.” Akial asked Digger.
“Don’t know who the other one is Akial. Focus on Huntress while Sub Zero and Scorpion deal with Cyrax.”

Acting fast because Cyrax and the hooded figure were talking about more testing, Sub Zero froze the women and Scorpion grabbed Cyrax from behind in a sort of choke hold almost.
Igniting her lightsaber Huntress went to attack Scorpion, but Digger blocked it with one of his.
“Digger so good to see you.” Huntress said pushing him away with her lightsaber.
“Don’t even. I’m taking you down Huntress you are a danger and have lost your way.” Digger said bring out his purple lightsaber to join his green as Huntress brought at a second lightsaber to join her purple one, this other lightsaber was red though. Meaning she most likely bled her other lightsaber crystals to.

The hooded figure broke free of the ice, revealing Frost. Hurting Kuia Liang, who took her in and gave her a home. Frost didn’t pay any notice, she shot an ice beam at Scorpion and Cyrax separating them.
“You aligned you’re self with Sektor he corrupted the Lin Kuei.” Kaui Liang said the hurt and anger both clear in his voice.
“You corrupted our clan when you married and became mates with that filth.” Frost spat referring to Hanzo.
“I’ll discipline your former pupil go help Cyrax.” Hanzo said going to fight Frost.

“So, you not only fell to the dark side you align yourself with the likes of Kronika and her goons how low you have fallen Huntress.” Digger said continuing to fight his sister blocking her lightsabers and jumping around her.
“Kronika promised to restore the Jedi Order. Why not fight for her.” Huntress said trying to force push Digger away who used a force shield by crossing his lightsabers in front of him and generating a force barrier. That allowed him to stay put and continue fighting.
“Has the dark side made you stupid your no Jedi anymore.” Digger said using force grip to pick Huntress up and throw her out of the room.

After Hanzo beat Frost, he and Digger went to help Kaui Liang with Cyrax. Seeing the odds not in his favor. Cyrax activated Cyber Lin Kuei to aid him.
“The upgrade Cyrax. Is this Kronika’s doing.”
“To better serve her, Sub Zero. We defend her as she re-writes history.”
“So, you act as pawns.” Digger asked.
“We act to secure the Lin Kuei’s glory in the New Era.”
“Handle Cyrax, Akial get that inhibitor removed we will handle the others.” Digger said taking the lead attacking the Cyber-Lin Kuei with Hanzo and Kuai Laing joining him.

During the time Digger, Hanzo, and Kuai Liang laid waste to the other Cyber Lin Kuei. Akial took down Cyrax and was able to get his hands on the inhibitor chip, now he just needed to reboot.
“Good work Akial.” Digger said as the three Grandmasters joined Akial waiting on Cyrax.
Why waiting for Cyrax, Scorpion was attacked by some sort of black mass. The attacker revealed himself to be know other then Kaui Liang’s older brother Bi Han or as he was now Noob Saibot.
“Bi Han.” Kuai Liang said.
"You were dead, swallowed up in the storm of souls.” Hanzo said in slight surprise.
“Quan Chi’s creations don’t die so easily.
Kronika offers me a new clan to lead. Its shadow will darken the realm.” Noob Saibot
“Leave Bi Han to me.” Sub Zero said deciding to take on his brother.

Taking down Bi Han was a little difficult, but Kuai Liang did. Just in time as Cyrax came to, he was appalled by what he was, remembering what happened to him as he was an unwilling candidate form cyberization.
“You still have a soul. I speak for experience Cyrax.” Kaui Liang said trying to comfort Cyrax. Kaui Liang spoke the truth to he was cyberized once.
“Kaui Liang, is that you. You look so old. And Scorpion?”
“We’ll explain later. For now, we share the same goal the Cyber Lin Kuei’s destruction.” Scorpion answered.
“Can you do that, Cyrax.” Digger asked.
“I can disable their communications network. It’ll shut down this factory and any Cyber Lin Kuei connected to it.”

Hearing and seeing missiles coming towards them Digger went to use the force to deflect them, but Cyrax created a digital net catching them and destroying them. The person or thing responsible for firing them was Sektor as he came into the room with a recovered Huntress.
“Aid Cyrax, Sektor is mine.” Kuai Liang said to Scorpion and Akial as he took on Sektor and Digger took on his sister once again.
After Kuai Liang was done with Sektor he glanced at Digger, who told him to help the others why he continued to fight Huntress.
Unfortunately, as Cyrax got into the system a red lightsaber went right through him killing him. Hanzo, Kaui, and Akial looked over to see Huntress with a smirk and Digger in pain on the floor.
“My brother forget I can blood bend. Poor Digger.” Huntress taunted, getting a force push from Digger in response, breaking her concentration, freeing Digger of the blood lock Huntress had on him.

“I’m sorry Kuai Liang.” Digger said holding his side in pain, coming over seeing Cyrax dead. “I should have sensed my sister had sunk so low as to use blood bending, she never would have before.”
“It’s okay, I know all to well the pain of a sibling hurting you, like my brother your sister has lost her way. I don’t blame you.” Kaui Liang said.
“It’s not over. I can do what Cyrax was about to.” Akial said.
“What did he say.” Hanzo asked.
“He said he can do what Cyrax was about to.” Digger explained.
“Truly, if you can please finish this.” Kaui Liang said.
Walking over to a wall of the factory, Akial used the force to rip a panel off the wall before going to work on the communication network. Destroying the factory.
As Frost, Huntress, and Sektor escaped.
‘We should go after them.” Scorpion said, but Kaui Liang said they should go to Raiden first.
“This is where my help ends for now, I must return to the Jedi and help them through this crisis.” Digger said bowing to Hanzo and Kaui, and they returned the gesture.
“Until we met again. Go keep your Jedi safe.” Hanzo said.

Taking Akial back to the temple, Digger ground bridged out of the temple ground to meet up with Zeb, Shadowcaster, and Fac, with one thought on his mind. By sending Zeb away to help their father, Digger accidently put Zeb in the perfect place to find out what he was hidden. He knew how to fix that.

When Digger got through the ground bridge Shadowcaster was on him asking a million questioning.
“Okay stop one at a time.” Digger said getting a headache.
“What happened on your mission you look a little pale.”
“Our sister and most likely brother have turned to the dark side, aiding the person behind all this temporal mess.”
“Seriously. Then we definitely have to find them faster than ever.”
“Agreed and on that note, I want you and Fac to do everything in your power to find Griffin. Huntress was saved in a twirl of sand, so she is probably personally with the person behind this, so she is counted for, but Griffin isn’t.” Digger said turning to Zeb.
“Let me guess you want me to go back to our dad’s side now you’re back.” Zeb said.
“Yes, not without me though.”
“Wait. What. Are you serious.”
“Yes, I was wrong to send you away in the first place, by yourself no less.” Digger said opening a ground bridge about to walk through, calling over his shoulder. “You, coming.”
Zeb know what her brother was signaling, that he was promising to stay be her side as much as he could during this crisis.

Elsewhere Geras was leading Kano and Erron Black to somewhere in Kronika’s Keep wanting something to be done on Kronika’s behalf. Talking about some project.
Reaching a table with Sektor’s body on it, Geras asked Kano if he could restore him.
Doing a scan with his robot eye, Kano was able to figure out what needed to be done to fix Sektor but like the low life, that give Australian’s a bad name, he is, he told Geras fixing Sektor won’t come cheap.
“Once he is repaired, can he be replicated/ 100’s of times? 1000’s?” Geras asked.
Getting a look form Erron, Kano turned to him.
“That’s a tall order.” Erron said.
“But anything is possible, with the right help.” Kano replied.
“Serve Kronika she will provide.” Geras answered when Kano looked at him.
“Take the deal. Trust me.” The Kano of the current time said walking into the room continuing with, “Otherwise how can you trust.”

Walking past Erron. Both Kano’s looked each other up and down.
‘You weren’t kidding. It’s like looking in a mirror, reflecting the past.” Current Kano said.
‘how ‘bout that. Over 50 and still a ripper.”
Clearing his throat Erron said. “There’s still the matter of our fee.”
So older Kano explained what Kronika was willing to offer them for their services. Loving what he was hearing past Kano was happy to help.
“Right then let’s get to business.”

Back at the military base, Jackie was trying to get through to her father with no such like because the network was down. She was worried about her dad hating that she was so far away.
“His probably climbing the walls.” Jackie said to Johnny who came over to see if she was okay.
“Be patient, you’ll get through.” Johnny said going to check on Kenshi who was talking to the Jedi.

“Are you sure you aren’t force sensitive.” Sskeer asked Kenshi as he showed them what he was capably of with his magic.
“I wish, from everything am able to see and hear, it sounds like being a Jedi is the most exciting thing in the galaxy.” Kenshi replied.
“It’s not all it’s cracked up to be, because of our role as peacekeepers, we sometimes make the wrong choices. In this case it actually led to our downfall. The council become too ridged and dogmatic. To blind to what was really happening. And we were betrayed by our own in the end.” Sskeer with hate referring to Anakin.
“You know, you sort of sounded like Grandmaster Digger there for a second.” Burryaga teased Sskeer.
“Well, he was my master and there was a reason he and Master Zeb were well respected in the Order.”
“They still are.” Burryaga commented. Making his friend snort.
“Sorry, who is Digger and Zeb.” Kenshi asked curious.
“Two very talented Jedi Masters, especially in the force, and when they combined their powers, they are capable of some really impressive things.” Burryaga said.
That’s when Johnny walked into the room wrapping his arms around Kenshi from behind, with Kenshi placing his arms over Johnny’s. Johnny was happy to hold Kenshi in that moment as he continued talking to the Jedi.

On EarthRealm, Jackie was right her dad was freaking out because he can get hold of Jackie, almost tearing the house apart in his worry. Breaking his phone in the end when he couldn’t get hold of her. That night as he was passed out in front of the TV with a beer in his hands, something happened when the bottle fell from his hands, it didn’t smash though because time stopped before it could.
In the corner of the room Kronika appeared.
Telling Jaxs stuff like this wasn’t the fate she had for him. Jackie wasn’t supposed to serve. He was supposed to retire a general and with honor. And lastly that he should be surrounded by grandkids.
Promising a different fate to him if he helped, Jaxs being at one of his lowest points accepted the offer.

In the Jedi Temple, everything was calm, thanks to the only member of the Jedi Council still in the Temple managing things quite well, keeping the younglings training, getting all knights in the temple to train all padawans whose master were busy outside the temple. Keeping all Jedi busy, distracting them from the war forming outside their island.
That night, the same night Kronika visited Jaxs. Bumblebee and Wheeljack were seating in the secluded area of the garden hidden by the trees.
Bumblebee was seating in Wheeljack’s lap leaning back against him, Wheeljack was leaning back on his servos, letting Bumblebee get as comfortable as possibly. They were actually enjoying a romantic moment, star gazing.
“Bee, beautiful. I know we haven’t known each other all that long, but I think you can feel what I feel when we are around each other. It’s like we are pulled to each other, almost like our sparks call out to one another. I have never felt this way about anyone Bee. You are my everything, and I would like to ask if you would be my Sparkmate.”
Turning around in Wheeljack’s lap. Bumblebee put his servos on Wheeljack’s chassis. Not sure if he could come up with the words to say to Wheeljack. Bumblebee did know one thing he was madly in love with Wheeljack too. So, he said the only thing he could, all with a blue blush on his faceplate.
“Yes. I would love to become your Sparkmate.” Before ducking his helm, only for Wheeljack to gently lift his helm up.
“This is the part where I get to kiss you.”
Leaning in at the same time Bumblebee and Wheeljack poured as much love into the kiss as they could. Both wrapping their arms tightly around each other.

There was such passion in that moment that all force sensitives on Outworld felt it and those close to Bumblebee emotionally were able to tell it was him.

Old timeline - Chapter 15 - awesomekong - Transformers (2024)
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