Mortal Kombat 1 (MK1) Patch 1.004 Notes (Version 1.004.000) (2024)

Mortal Kombat 1 patch 1.004 details available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Switch players. According to the official Mortal Kombat 1 version 1.004.000 patch notes, the latest update brings Ermac and the 4K Cinematic Pack(37GB). In addition, the Mortal Kombat 1 update 1.004 also includes various tweaks and changes.

Recently, a major update 1.03 added the Omin-man DLC pack. Unfortunately, since the day one patch, players are still experiencing a number of issues while playing the game. Today’s MK1 update 1.003.001 update is expected to fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

MK1 patch 1.004 Patch Notes – April 16, 2024

  • Game Stability improvements
  • Gameplay Performance improved for most Hardware configurations, including Valve SteamDeck
  • Refined Online Benchmark’s Storage Speed check to determine Krossplay Matchmaking eligibility

Nintendo Switch

  • Fixed visual issue where Liu Kang’s hair would clip through his headband
  • Fixed color of certain palettes for Smoke
  • Fixed an issue causing a soft lock during KOTH matches

General Fixes & Adjustments

  • Move list corrections & Localization fixes
  • AI adjustments & improvements
  • Improvements to Screen Reader functionality
  • Added Ermac Fighter to Roster
  • Added Deception skins for Shao Kahn & Sindel and Deadly Alliance skins for Quan Chi & Shang Tsung
  • Fixed several visual issues with brutalities
  • Improved AI ability to perform and defend against Wakeup & Reversal Attacks
  • Guest Users can now access unlocks in Local Versus
  • Fixed Gameplay > Pause Delay setting affecting modes outside of gameplay
  • Fixed situations where health values displayed during Survivor Tower could be incorrect
  • Fixed issue that could cause Daily & Weekly Quests to display incorrect time remaining
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Streak Stat to not be tracked properly after Kombat League & KOTH matches
  • Fixed situation where game could become unresponsive if internet connection is lost while a DLC character is being purchased from Fighter Select
  • Adjusted Fatal Blow Boost timing & damage during Story Mode Kameo Fatal Blows
  • Improved timing to be more intuitive for both players regaining control after a Match Extended occurs
  • Fixed camera issue that could occur when rapidly entering and exiting Kustomize Photo Mode
  • Added missing Lesson Komplete announcer audio on Kombo Challenges
  • Fighters can now be rotated in the Premium Shop & Seasonal Store with the Right Stick
  • Added Change Pose option in Kustomize Photo Mode
  • Fixed issue with Replays where an incorrect name may appear after viewing a Kombat Kard
  • Fixed several audio issues with Replays when playing at 1/2 speed
  • Fixed issue where game could become unresponsive if user signs out while watching a Replay
  • Fixed issue with Kameo moves not executing while the Roster character is performing a dash with specific timing
  • Fixed issue that could briefly cause incorrect Victim Regions to be used after duck blocking an attack then letting go of the block button and remaining idle
  • Fixed rare situations of incorrect gameplay face animations being displayed
  • Adjusted Opponent’s position on the first frame of some standing reactions
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Maximum Damage from triggering in multiplayer modes
  • Fixed motion blur during some moves being applied differently for Player 2


  • Adjustments to Rollback to improve online performance
  • Added Krossplay support (PC, Xbox Series X/S, & PlayStation 5 versions) to KOTH Matches
  • Fixed several issues with Krossplay & KOTH invites
  • Fixed “Players Met” not updating with players from Private Matches
  • Fixed a long delay that could sometimes occur if your opponent’s connection is lost during Kasual Versus
  • Fixed issue that could cause players to have to wait for the timer to expire if the King leaves the lobby before first match has started
  • Fixed issue causing some Quests to track during Private online matches


  • Fixed Mask consumables not working during Survival missions
  • Fixed issue that could cause some opponents to have incorrect names during Endurance & Ambush fights
  • Fixed rare situations where a new Endurance fight opponent would not be facing the correct direction
  • Fixed visual issue with Endurance matches where some attacks that could cause the opponent to explode twice when defeated
  • Fixed issue that could cause Kombo Attacks to not cancel into Talisman Activations

Practice Mode

  • Fixed Block Mode > Up Block not working correctly if opponent is hit then player switches sides with a jump attack
  • Fixed rare issue causing certain attacks to not trigger Breaker while Kustom Dummy with Breaker Mode On is used
  • Fixed damage numbers overlapping during Fatal Blows with multiple hits in quick succession
  • Fixed Random Playback Trigger not picking a random recording upon Practice Resetting before the current recording playback finishes

Character Specific Adjustments

  • Main Fighters
    • Baraka
      • Fixed Bleeding Blade unable to trade hits
    • General Shao
      • Fixed Settled Dispute (Down + Back Punch) causing incorrect knockdown animation when hitting a Kameo
      • Fixed visual issue with Shao not dropping his axe as expected when defeated by a Brutality while performing certain attacks
    • Geras
      • Added UI element to display the current Hourglass level used by Inevitable & Fixed Point
      • Atomic Driver (Jump + Back Punch, Front Punch, Front Punch + Back Punch) now has 2 more frames of hit advantage and releases opponent from the synchronized animation earlier
      • Fixed issue that could cause Slow Down (Towards + Front Punch, Back Punch) Stone Tablet to spawn in incorrect location when done near the corner
      • Fixed camera issues that could occur during History Lesson while in an online match with high latency
    • Havik
      • Fixed Batters Up-percut (Down + Back Punch) causing incorrect knockdown animation when hitting a Kameo
      • Fixed issue that could cause a Neoplasm projectile to no longer be active if a second Neoplasm attack is done with specific timing in rapid succession
      • Fixed Sub-Zero Arctic Armor losing visual effects if Havik’s Throws are Escaped
    • Kenshi
      • Fixed incorrect animation being briefly used if using Sento Stance with Practice Settings -> Team Settings
      • Fixed color of Kameo meter if using Sento Stance Ancestor with Practice Settings -> Team Settings
    • Liu Kang
      • Fixed rare situation that could cause the opponent to face the wrong direction when hit with Low Dragon
    • Mileena
      • Fixed rare issue that could cause Roll to use an incorrect animation when interacting with some Modifiers
    • Nitara
      • Fixed Deep Slash (Jump + Front Punch) not being able to combo into Hex Kick (Front Kick)
      • Fixed rare issue with (Air) Dash specials which could cause Enhanced (Air) Dash to be prioritized if Nitara performs a grounded attack the same frame as landing after an (Air) Dash
    • Raiden
      • Electromagnetic Storm no longer pulls in airborne opponents that are not in a combo, has less pushback on block for all hits except final hit, and does 27 less damage
      • Electromagnetic Storm & Enhanced Electromagnetic Storm no longer hit airborne opponents that are not in a combo and have 10 more frames of recovery on block
      • Increased recovery on miss of Electric Fly & (Air) Electric Fly by 8 frames
      • Razzle Dazzle & Enhanced Razzle Dazzle has 1 more start-up frame, 5 more blockstun frames, and increased pushback on block
      • While Electric Charge is active, Razzle Dazzle & Enhanced Razzle Dazzle will gain extra block stun and pushback if (Back Punch) is held
      • Enhanced Razzle Dazzle follow-up has a different hit reaction
      • Electric Charge takes twice as long to reach maximum charge
      • Fixed lingering audio if Lightning Strikes (away + Back Punch) is interrupted by a Kameo Partner
    • Rain
      • Added new Basic Attacks, Shipwrecker (Towards + Front Punch) & Puddle Step (Away + Front Kick)
      • Added new Kombo Attacks, Kraken Killer (Towards + Front Punch, Back Punch) & Surface Breacher (Away + Front Kick, Back Kick)
      • When It Rains… (Back Punch, Front Punch, Front Punch) first hit has 2 more frames of hit advantage
      • Flood Gate (Towards + Back Punch) has 7 more frames of hit advantage & recovers 2 frames slower on hit
      • Undertow (Towards + Back Punch, Front Punch) has 5 more frames of hit advantage, 5 less blockstun frames, & recovers 5 frames faster
      • Waterwhirled (Towards + Back Punch, Front Punch, Front Kick) starts up 5 frames faster
      • Water Beam Charge can now be cancelled into some other Special Moves
      • Water Beam Charge Cancel can now be done 5 frames faster & only be used once per Kombo
      • Rain God now has 4 more frames of start-up when done as a cancel during a combo
      • Fixed being unable to duck block after dashing during Water Beam Charge Cancel or Hydropho-Kick Charge Cancel
    • Reptile
      • Killer Kick (Front Punch, Front Punch, Back Kick) can now be cancelled into (Air) Falling Fangs
      • Froggy Knee (Back Punch, Front Kick) and Kneet Trick (Towards + Back Punch, Front Kick) now move slightly further and have a larger hit region when opponent is in a combo
      • Devastating Blow (Away + Back Punch) fully charged now starts up 3 frames faster and recovers 3 frames faster
      • Kroco-Die-Le (Front Kick) first hit has 12 more frames of hit advantage
      • Acid Spit Ball is a new Special Move performed by holding (Front Punch) during Acid Spit or Enhanced Acid Spit
      • (Air) Falling Fangs & Enhanced (Air) Falling Fangs can now be cancelled by holding Down
      • Enhanced Invisibility now becomes fully invisible about 2 seconds faster
    • Scorpion
      • Added new Kombo Attack Fire Pillar Thrust (Towards + Front Kick, Back Kick)
      • Increased Hit Region & landing speed of Get Over There (Jump + Front Punch, Front Punch, Back Punch) and it now has a different hit reaction
      • Fixed rare situation where opponent would pass through Scorpion after being hit by Spear near the corner
      • Fixed being able to extend Finish Him sequence by duck attacks cancelled into Spear
    • Sindel
      • Input for (Air) Hairball can now be buffered during the start-up of (Air) Levitate
      • Fixed rare issue with (Air) Levitate which could cause the move to become disabled if Sindel performs a grounded attack the same frame as landing from Levitate Cancel
      • When Enhanced Queen’s Kommand hits Khameleon, the current Disguise color will be used for the Kameo meter
      • Fixed delay that could sometimes happen on being able to use Kameo moves after successful Enhanced Queen’s Kommand
    • Smoke
      • Fixed issue that could cause Tele-Stab (Away + Back Punch) to miss opponents when cornered and performed immediately after being hit by a throw
    • Omni-Man
      • Fixed rare issue with (Air) Fly specials which could cause Enhanced (Air) Fly to be prioritized if Omni-Man performs a grounded attack the same frame as landing after an (Air) Fly
    • Quan Chi
      • Zone of Waste armor being applied no longer resets combo counter & damage scaling
      • Fixed issue that could cause Zone of Fear to not spawn if opponent is performing a Parry
      • Fixed issue with Field of Bones that could cause two Bone Cages to appear
      • Fixed Zone of Waste able create two Zones when using Practice Settings -> Team Settings
      • Enhanced Zone of Waste is now available in Practice Settings -> Team Settings
    • Peacemaker
      • Heavy Overhand Of Justice (Back Punch) does 20 less damage
      • Enhanced Force Multiplier does 10 less damage on 2nd & 3rd hits
      • Activate Human Torpedo! does 10 less damage
      • Enhanced Human Torpedo! does 20 less damage & has increased combo damage scaling
      • Enhanced Sonic Boom does 20 less damage
      • Activate Force Field can absorb a maximum of 2 hits & lasts 2 seconds shorter
      • Fixed issue that could cause Eagly to still attack if Ground-Air Offensive or Beautiful Bird Bullet had just been blocked
      • Fixed issue with The Ultimate Ally causing hit pause to only apply to the opponent when it is interrupted instead of both players
      • Fixed issue that could cause Activate Human Torpedo! to sometimes push knocked down opponents
      • Fixed issue with Activate Anti-Gravity Soft Landing could go in an incorrect direction when cancelling into jump attacks near Arena walls
      • Fixed rare issue that could cause Enhanced Activate Forcefield to stack with other buff moves with specific timing
      • Fixed camera issue during a mirror match when both players perform “Activate Anti-Gravity” at the same time
      • When Fatal Blow is blocked or misses, Peacemaker’s assault rifle will no longer disappear abruptly when hitting the ground
      • Fixed issue with Activate Force Field done at precise timing as the previous Force Field buff expires that could result in some missing visual effects
      • Fixed visual issue that could occur if Peacemaker was teleported by Motaro during some special moves with specific timing
      • Adjusted Helmet impact audio when Chambered Round Gear is equipped
  • Kameo Fighters
    • Frost (Kameo)
      • Fixed rare issue that could cause Snow Flakes to cause a desync during a Krossplay match
    • Jax (Kameo)
      • Slightly increased hit region on Back Breaker when opponent is in a combo
      • Fixed issue with Kameo meter color getting stuck purple if practice reset is used at specific timing
    • Kung Lao (Kameo)
      • Buzz Saw no longer hits airborne opponents not in a combo
    • Sektor (Kameo)
      • Flame Thrower second hit now is considered a projectile instead of melee attack
    • Scorpion (Kameo)
      • Hell Blades hit reaction has 13 more frames of hit advantage before the opponent is knocked down
    • Shujinko (Kameo)
      • Shujinko recovers from his Breaker 15 frames earlier
      • Fixed Shujinko being briefly invisible if he performs a Breaker then immediately performs Kameo attack
      • Most Copy Kat & Mimic additional abilities are now shown in the move list
      • Shujinko has learned additional Kopy Kat & Mimic abilities from many Fighters
        • Ashrah
          • Mimic Light Ascension recovers 7 frames faster
          • Hold Down during Kopy Kat Heaven’s Beacon to perform Hell’s Pillar
        • Baraka
          • Copy Kat Bleeding Blade recovers 9 frames faster
          • Mimic Stab Stab will now briefly impale airborne opponents with Broken Blades dealing bleed damage over time and causing them to take increased block damage
          • Hold Down during Mimic Stab Stab to perform Baraka Barrage
        • Geras
          • Shujinko advances slightly during Kopy Kat SandstormHold Down during Kopy Kat Sandstorm to perform Denial

General Shao

– Kopy Kat Power Strike recovers 3 frames faster

– Hold Up during Mimic Death Quake to perform Klassic Kahn


– Shujinko advances slightly during Mimic Seeking Neoplasm

– Hold Down during Mimic Seeking Neoplasm to perform Neoplasm

Johnny Cage

– Kopy Kat Shadow Kick recovers 5 frames faster on hit, 10 frames faster on miss, & is now -7 on block (up from -15)

– Mimic now performs Rising Star instead of Ball Buster

– Hold Down during Kopy Kat Shadow Kick to perform Ball Buster

– Hold Down during Mimic Rising Star to perform Throwing Shade


– Shujinko advances slightly during Kopy Kat Ancestral Guard

– Hold Down during Kopy Kat Ancestral Guard to perform Force Push

– Hold Up during Mimic Summon Ancestor to perform Soaring Sento


– Kopy Kat Square Wave can be repeated by pressing Up + Kameo as he hits up to 2 times

– Kopy Kat Square Wave is now -12 on block at close range (up from -22)

– Shujinko advances slightly during Mimic Fan-Nado & now recovers 21 frames faster on hit

– Hold Down during Kopy Kat Square Wave to perform Fan Toss

Kung Lao

– Kopy Kat Buzzsaw recovers 16 frames faster

– Hold Up during Mimic Shaolin Spin to perform Soaring Monk

– Hold Down during Mimic Shaolin Spin to perform Kung-Kussion

Li Mei

– Shujinko advances slightly during Kopy Kat Shi Zi Lion

– Kopy Kat Shi Zi Lion recovers 10 frames faster on hit & 16 frames faster on miss or block

– Hold Up during Mimic Nova Blast to perform Sky Lantern

– Press Up + Kameo just after Mimic Sky Lantern to perform Air Nova Blast

Liu Kang

– Kopy Kat Low Dragon recovers 10 frames faster

– Hold Up during Kopy Kat Low Dragon to perform Cosmic Flames

– Hold Up during Mimic Dragon’s Tail to perform Dragon’s Breath


– Kopy Kat Straight Sai recovers 9 frames faster

– Fixed flickering visuals that could occur during Mimic Roll

– Shujinko will no longer sometimes switch sides when Mimic Roll is blocked

– Mimic Roll is now -33 on Block (up from -55) & recovers 7 frames faster on Hit

– Hold Down during Kopy Kat Straight Sai to perform Low Sai


– Kopy Kat Bad Blood recovers 15 frames faster

– Mimic Leap Of Faith can now hit standing opponents & recovers 1 frame faster

– Hold Down during Mimic Leap Of Faith to perform Dark Plunge

– Hold Up during Mimic Leap Of Faith to perform Blood Sacrifice unless Nitara is Fighter Partner


– Mimic Lightning Port now does 60 damage (up from 20)

– Hold Down during Kopy Kat Electric Orb to perform Electric Fly


– Mimic Upflow recovers 5 frames faster on hit

– Kopy Kat Water Beam can now be charged by hold Kameo Button

– Kopy Kat Water Beam Charge can be cancelled by Block for 1 bar of Super Meter

– Hold Down during Mimic Upflow to perform Water Gate Activate


– Kopy Kat Tactical Takedown now recovers 13 frames faster on miss & is -14 on Block (up from -26)

– Mimic now performs Pale Rider instead of Retaliation

– Hold Up during Mimic Pale Rider to perform Retaliation

– Hold Down during Kopy Kat Tactical Takedown to perform Assassin Throwing Stars


– Kopy Kat Acid Spit is now -7 on block (up from -10)

– Hold Up during Kopy Kat Acid Spit to perform Acid Spit Ball

– Hold Down during Mimic Force Ball to perform Dash Attack


– Hold Up during Kopy Kat Rope Spin to perform Flame-Port

– Hold Down during Mimic Spear to perform Devouring Flame

Shang Tsung

– When performing Mimic Form Stealer, Shujinko will wait until all ongoing effects are finished before morphing back from the opponent’s Kameo

– Fixed Shujinko morphing at the incorrect time during Shokan Stomp after Mimic Form Stealer when facing Shang Tsung & Goro

– Hold Up during Mimic Form Stealer to perform Far To Close Triple Ground Skull

– Hold Down during Mimic Form Stealer to perform Close To Far Triple Ground Skull


– Hold Up during Kopy Kat Hair Ball to perform Queen’s Command

– Hold Down during Kopy Kat Hair Ball to perform Low Hairball


– Kopy Kat Shadow Blade is now +11 on hit (up from 0)

– Hold Down during Kopy Kat Shadow Blade to perform Smoke Bomb


– Hold Up during Kopy Kat Ice Slide to perform Ice Clone Charge

– Hold Down during Mimic Ice Ball to perform Deadly Vapors


– Kopy Kat Heavenly Hand recovers 9 frames faster

– Shujinko advances slightly during Mimic Drill Kick

– Tanya’s Staff will no longer appear in Shujinko’s hand when Mimic Drill Kick is blocked

– Hold Up during Mimic Drill Kick to perform Umgadi Dodge


– Kopy Kat Mega Clap recovers 2 frames faster

– Hold Up During Mimic Honorable Death to perform Up And Away (was Hold Forward)

Quan Chi

– Hold Down during Kopy Kat Head Rush to perform Falling Death


– Kopy Kat Force Multiplier recovers 6 frames faster

    • Sonya (Kameo)
      • Sonya will no longer be pushed by the opponent while charging Energy Rings
  • Tremor (Kameo)
    • Rolling Rock & Ground Pound no longer hit airborne opponents not in a combo
  • Khameleon (Kameo)
    • Increased hit region on 2nd hit of Fan Toss for the first frame the attack is active
    • Fixed rare issue that could cause incorrect combo scaling when using Sai or Fan Lift in a combo
  • Janet Cage (Kameo)
    • Slightly increased combo damage scaling on Box Office Bomb & Box Office Bang
    • Fixed several attacks performing hit-only follow-ups when connecting with Mime Time
    • Fixed Forceball visual issues when being reflected or destroyed
    • Sweepstakes (Away + Back Kick during Stunt Double) no longer hits airborne opponents not in a combo

Download free MK1 patch 1.004.00 on PS5, XSX, Switch and PC.

Mortal Kombat 1 (MK1) Patch 1.004 Notes (Version 1.004.000) (2024)


Does MK1 have crossplay? ›

Krossplay is an optional feature that is included in Mortal Kombat 1 for PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam and Epic Games Store).

Is Omni Man in MK? ›

In Mortal Kombat

An extraterrestrial humanoid from the imperialistic planet Viltrum, he was sent to Earth to subjugate it into the Viltrum Empire. Omni-Man made his debut as a playable guest character in Mortal Kombat 1 as the first character available through DLC as part of the Kombat Pack.

How do you unlock tremor in MK1? ›

How to unlock Tremor in Mortal Kombat 1. To get Tremor in Mortal Kombat 1, you must get either the MK1: Kombat Pack or MK1: Tremor Kameo item. The MK1: Kombat Pack is obtainable through the Steam store if you don't already own it through the game's pre-order phase.

Is MK1 crossplay 2024? ›

Netherrealm has been consistently pushing out updates for Mortal Kombat 1 since its launch back in September 2023 and confirmed that Krossplay would be coming in early 2024. One of its most notable features already added is Wi-fi filter support.

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Thanks to the recent addition of Mortal Kombat 1 Krossplay, players can now connect across PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC on both Steam and Epic Games Store.

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The Alien is a guest character and fighter in Mortal Kombat X.

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This presents the fundamental problem that Omni-Man is currently seen by most as a decisively evil character, but in order for Mortal Kombat 1's take on the character to be true, he has to show some righteous characteristics. At his core, Nolan Grayson is a good, but immensely flawed man.

What platforms is MK1 on? ›

Q: What platforms is Mortal Kombat 1 be available on? A: Mortal Kombat 1 is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam and Epic Game Store).

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