Best Singularity Dead by Daylight builds (April 2024) (2024)

A killer with a challenging but unique set of skills, the Singularity offers tons of refreshing gameplay in DBD. It can take a ton to figure out though, so here are our best Singularity builds so you don’t have to sweat too much.

Best early The Singularity build in Dead by Daylight

Best Singularity Dead by Daylight builds (April 2024) (1)

The Singularity, just like every other killer in Dead by Daylight, has three unique starting perks which can later be shared with the rest of your killers through prestiging. These perks are a solid starting point if you don’t have the Bloodpoints to steamroll through the Bloodweb and unlock more special stuff. The Singularity’s starting perks are:

Genetic LimitsInflicts Exhausted whenever a survivor finishes a healing action.
Forced HesitationWhenever a survivor is downed, all other survivors nearby are slowed and inflicted with Hindered.
Machine LearningDamaging a generator activates this perk. Then, the next generator you damage gains compromised, granting you Haste (movement speed) if it is fixed.

For the early game, I’d advise taking Machine Learning and Forced Hesitation, which will allow you to play the Singularity more as a regular chase killer than anything else. This is because the Singularity is difficult to get hold of initially and it takes time for you to gain the muscle memory needed to play it effectively. These two perks will alleviate your progression early on and make learning the Singularity more fun and easier. Early add-ons can include Broken Security Key and Kid’s Ball Glove to give you some extra edge.

Best mid-game The Singularity build in Dead by Daylight

Best Singularity Dead by Daylight builds (April 2024) (2)

Once you progress a bit through the Singularity’s perks, it becomes a formidable force, though still not an easy one. You will focus on mixing up your gameplay and balancing between being a traditional chase killer and using mass surveillance. For this build you still won’t need anything extra, so here is my choice of mid-game Singularity perks:

Genetic LimitsExhausts survivors when they heal.
Spies from the Shadows Crows spawn around the map and give you signals when survivors are nearby.
Bitter MurmurReveals the auras of nearby survivors when a generator is fixed. When the last generator is completed, all survivors on the map are revealed to you.
Sloppy ButcherYour basic attacks inflict Hemorrhage and Mangled, making healing more difficult for survivors.

While not ideal, this mid-game build will focus on slowing down survivors’ healing by a significant margin, which in turn makes your life a whole lot easier. Spamming Biopods around the map will help you maintain your infections on survivors and make chases nearly trivial. With the right add-ons, this build will work well if you don’t have too many prestiged killers, and thus access to their unique perks. I wholeheartedly recommend Cryo Gell and Crew Manifest which will ensure your infections spread and give you extra information to increase the chances of a successful chase.

Best lategame The Singularity build in Dead by Daylight

Best Singularity Dead by Daylight builds (April 2024) (3)

When you progress through the game a bit, most killers can be built to perfection and become nigh unstoppable. The Singularity is no exception and to make its ultimate build, you will need to prestige The Hag, The Skull Merchant, The Shape, and The Blight. Here are the perks for the Singularity’s lategame build:

Hex: Ruin (Hag)Generators not being repaired regress at an accelerated rate—twice as fast on level three.
Play with Your Food (Shape) Chasing your obsession grants a token, stacking up to three. Each token stack gives bonus movement speed, lost on attacking.
Game Afoot (Skull Merchant)Attacking the survivor you’ve chased the longest makes them your obsession. Breaking pallets, walls, or damaging generators grants you bonus movement speed when chasing your obsession.
Dragon’s Grip (Blight)Damaging a generator marks it. The first survivor to interact with it is revealed to you, screams, and is Exposed. Exposed survivors can be downed in one hit.

This combination of perks makes the Singularity an absolute beast, both when operating the Biopods and chasing enemies around. Your biggest worry is survivors running away, hiding, and repairing generators. Since you’re pretty slow compared to the average killer, you have to protect your generators and use them to your advantage. The perks above help you do just that, with Dragon’s Grip meant to make killing sly survivors that much easier.

As for add-ons, the Iridescent Crystal Shard and Foreign Plant Fibers are amazing tools to make map control and chasing more efficient. You should also consider picking up the Ebony Memento Mori offering so you can manually kill all survivors who reach the second hook state.

How to play The Singularity effectively in DBD

Best Singularity Dead by Daylight builds (April 2024) (4)

The Singularity is a tough killer. While the game marks him with the Hard difficulty level, I’d go as far as to say he belongs in Very Hard or even beyond. Micromanaging the Biopods, marking survivors, teleporting around, and so on can be more than challenging to pull off. Even with the right perks, the Singularity suffers a bit from lack of mobility and the need to manage so many things at once. So what’s the solution?

Mixing together the traditional killer and surveillance mechanics is the way to go with the Singularity. On spread-out maps with lots of space, you will have to prioritize the correct placement of Biopods to allow for as much FOV as possible. Keep in mind that even the smallest of branches can block your lock-on, so pick your spots carefully. Biopods near generators are a great idea, though try to obscure them a bit so they aren’t as vulnerable to the EMP. Also, keep your pods far enough from one another so survivors won’t be able to turn off more than one.

On tighter maps with more hallways and enclosed spaces, you are free to play as you wish. You can mark players and teleport to your heart’s content, or you can run after them with your movement speed-buffing perks. The Singularity works best in these situations, and his map control will give you near-omnipresence—making the survivors’ lives genuine hell.

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Best Singularity Dead by Daylight builds (April 2024) (2024)
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