Credit consolidation is an operation that consists of concentrating all credits with the various credit organizations, in one credit. This operation is practiced in France since the 2000s.

The credit consolidation aims to reduce the interest rate of each credit and to lengthen its repayment term. This is a good solution for individuals who want to reduce their monthly payments and collect them in one monthly payment with a rate of interest the most not possible.

Can you consolidate loans

The consolidation loan as shown on`s website can regroup all your payday loans.

Requests for consolidation of credits are considered request by request, And the final decision always comes back to the customer. But in general, you can group real estate loans and consumer loans easily and without any risk.

Conduct of the Credit Clustering Transaction.

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To understand the process of grouping credit from A to Z, step by step, from the request for consolidation to the financing and repayment of your credits, we give you the 5 steps necessary to set up a credit consolidation.

  1. The demand

Demand is the first step in the credit consolidation operation. This is a request from a credit agency, a bank or a bank intermediary. You can apply online, by telephone or in a direct way.

  1. The folder

When you want to make your request, a counselor checks all the information to start the case. The file usually consists of gathering the proof of each information provided during the application, such as the statement of your last salaries, loans from other banks, debts, etc…

  1. Feasibility study

Once your file is ready. A consultant specializing in the study of requests for loan consolidation will study the feasibility of this operation by relying on major points, such as the debt ratio, the rest to live, etc …. Following this study, and if your request is validated, we offer you the offer of consolidation of credits.

  1. Reception of the offer

Once your request is validated and the offer is offered. The credit applicant (you) receives a credit agreement that corresponds to their credit consolidation offer. This offer includes all the terms and conditions of the loan consolidation: the total amount of the credit, the repayment term, the new monthly payment, and other important information and conditions concerning the credit agreement. The applicant has a period of reflection before signing the contract.

  1. Unlocking funds

Once the credit agreement is signed, the credit consolidation transaction takes place. The credit agency you signed with, will repay all your credits included in the credit consolidation offer. You can make sure your credits have been repaid by asking for proof from your old lenders.

Thereafter, you will have a single monthly payment that will be taken from the bank account indicated in the file of the credit consolidation application.


Credit consolidation is a subject of competition from several banks and credit organizations. So you have to exploit this competition game for your benefit.

You will first need to evaluate the total cost of credit. Because by reducing the monthly payments and extending the duration of the credit, this leads to an increase in the total cost.

The processing fee and the mortgage fee come to add to the original cost of credit, which makes the overall cost even greater than the original one.