Donald Trump vs. Jim Acosta: US President Punishes News Reporter

Image result for jim acostaThe White House has withdrawn CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s access to US government headquarters after a heated controversy between President Donald Trump and him at the press conference on Wednesday’s US election outcome . The reactions in the US are split. For some, the decision is evidence of restrictions on press freedom under Trump. For the enders, the overdue consequence of Acosta’s behavior. He had repeatedly ignored the rules for dealing with the media with the president and damaged the dignity of the office.

“That’s enough, give the microphone back”

Acosta regularly uses Trump’s media encounters not just to ask a question, but to engage the president in exchange. When Trump gave him the floor on Wednesday, Acosta questioned him about his statements about migrant hijackers from Honduras to the US border. After a brief back and forth Trump interrupted him harshly: “That’s enough. Give the microphone back. “

Acosta refused and continued talking. When a White House employee took the microphone out of his hand, Acosta held it tight. It came to a brief collision, until he let go. The president criticized this behavior. “You are an outrageous, terrible person. CNN should be ashamed that someone like you works for the station. “

'It is enough!' - Trump gets in touch with CNN correspondent Trump’s spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee calls the fistfulness as justification for the suspension of the “White House Hard Pass”, which at any time entitled to access the White House without prior notification and without escort. “We are in favor of press freedom, but we do not tolerate anyone putting hands on a young woman.” Acosta called this allegation “a lie.” He asserted, “I did not touch her.”

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